2016-17 pre-matric scholarships for minorities, (September, 2016 thleng dil theih)

Pre-matric scholarships for minorities, 2016-17 dilna online-a thehluh theih hun August, 2016 thla chhung tih chu September, 2016 thleng pawhsei a ni ta a, zirlaiten hriat a tha. He scholarship dil tur tan online-in http://scholarships.gov.in -ah dil theih a ni a, mahnia ti thei lo chu school-in kan tihsak vek thei.

(The last date for submission of online applications for Pre-matric and Post-matric scholarships for 2016-17 for students belonging to the Minority communities has been extended further till 30 September, 2016. Earlier, the Minority Affairs Ministry had extended last date for submission of online applications for Pre-matric and Post-matric scholarships till 31 August, 2016.

The Union Minister of State for Minority Affairs (Independent Charge) Shri Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said that the Minority Affairs Ministry has taken this decision keeping in mind, a large number of requests and suggestions received from people across the country regarding extension of last date .Shri Naqvi said that the decision was taken in the interest of needy students from poor sections of the Minority communities.)

Hriattur pawimawhte :

1)    Class I atanga class X tan dil theih a ni.
2)    Dilna hi online (internet) hmanga theh luh tur a ni a, mahnia ti thei lo chu dilna pakhat zelah Rs 100/ -in tihsak theih a ni.
3)    Dilna online hmanga tihfel hun chhung hi August, 2016 chhung a ni.
4)    Dilnaah chuan a hnuaia mite hi a scanned copy upload tel a ngai :
(1)     Domicile Certificate (He lai velah chuan Residential certificate tiin an sawi tlangpui a, SDO(C) hnen atangin lak tur)
(2)     Student PhotoGraph (Passport size thlalak pakhat)
(3)     Institute Verification Form (School-in a dik ngei a ni tih a verify-na lehkha)
(4)     Self Declaration of income Certificate by the Student (Kum khat chhunga pawisa lakluh zat zirlaiin a puanna lehkha)
(5)     Self Declaration of minority community certificate by the Students (Sakhaw tenau Muslims/Sikhs/Christians/Buddhists/Jains/Zoroastrians(Parsis) a ni tih zirlaiin a puanna lehkha)
(6)     Self Attested Certificate of pervious academic marksheet (Kum hmasaa zirlai marsheet, amah zirlai ngeiin a dik a ni tih a attest hnan ngei)
(7)     Fee Receipt of current course year (Kumin kum kal laia school fee dawnna receipt)
(8)     Proof of bank account in the name of student (Zirlai hminga bank account siam a ni ngei tihchianna)
(9)     Scanned Copy of AAdhar Card (Aadhaar Card nei tan a scanned copy upload tel a ngai a, Mizoram bik tan a nei lo chu kumin atan ngaihhnathiam a ni ang)

A chunga document ngai 9 zingah khian school-in kan pek chhuah theih, nu leh pa tana buaipui hah ngai lote chu number 3, 4, 5 leh 7 te khi a ni a, a bak zawng number 1, 2, 6, 8 leh 9 underlined te khi nangmahniin in lo buaipui a ngai ang.

Sawi zauna:
(1)    Domicile certificate hi SDO(C) hnen atangin in lo la chhuak ang a, school-ah in rawn submit ang a, a bak chu kan lo ti vek ang.
(2)    Zirlai passport size thlalak pakhat school-ah in lo submit ang.
(6)    Nikuma an marksheet kha in lo xerox ang a, chu chu zirlaiin a attest ang a, chumi hnuah a xerox copy chu in rawn submit ang. A attest dan tur chu a awl remchang laiah khan ‘Attested by self’ emaw ‘self-attested by’ tih in ziak ang a, a hnuaiah zirlai hming in ziak ang a, zirlaiin a hming a sign ang. Xerox leh attest chungchangah harsatna a awm chuan original marksheet kha in lo submit mai ang a, zirlai erawhchu school-ah kan xerox hunah attest tura a lo kal leh a ngai ang. Xerox sa chu scan leh a chumi hnuah upload tur a ni.
(8)    Zirlai hmingin bank account in lo siam ang a, chu chu scan atan in rawn submit ang. Bank account siam dawn hian identity tihchian nan hian SBI danah chuan document hrang hrang ken theih a awm a, chung zinga zirlai naupangin an neih remchan theih chu aadhaar leh student’s ID card a ni tlangpui. Hnahthial bank hian student’s ID an demand deuh niin an sawi a, ID siam ngai tan Bazara thlalak siam thin e.g., calitus-ah leh hmun dangah pawh siamtir mai tur a ni a, Principal hming sign ngai chu rawn sign tir mai tur a ni.

(9)    Zirlaiin aadhaar card a neih chuan school-ah rawn submit tur a ni a, a nei lo a nih pawhin a dil theih tho a, Mizoram chu ngaihhnathiam kan ni. A nei chuan tih tel ngei a tha ang.

A chunga document pawimawhte hi a hma thei ang berah school-ah submit ni se la a tha ang. Khawl hmanga scan leh vek a ngaih dawn avang leh chumi hnua internet-ah zirlai pakhat tan account pakhat zel siama fill-up tur thahnem tak fill-up hnuah document-te hi upload vek a ngaih dawn avang te, hun a tlem tawh bawk si avangin document neih kim veleh submit ni se a tha ang.

Khing bakah khian heng hi theh luh tel a ngai bawk :
(1)     Mobile phone number a ngai a, chutah chuan permanent id a lo thleng ang a, chumi hmang chuan nakin zelah dilna dinhmun a en zel theih ang a, kum thara scho dil leh dawn pawhin renewal chuan chu permanent id hmang chuan account-ah lutin dil tur a ni dawn a ni.
(2)    Tin, zirlai date of birth (pian ni, thla leh kum) hi record en hranpa ngai tawh lovin lehkha themah ziak ni bawk se a awlsam awm e.
(3)    Nu leh pa hming thun tel a ngai a, a tlangpuiin kan record neihah te hian pa hming dah a ni tlangpui a, chuvangin a bik takin nu hming pum theh luh tel ni bawk se.

Thuneituten Pre-matric scholarships for minorities, 2016-17 theh luh theih hun an pawhsei avangin hriattirna hmasaa a theh luh hun kha tihdanglam a ni.

Mi thenkhat hnen atanga lei ngai lova school-in a thlawna a pek chhuah document download theih te :





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