Pre-matric leh post matric scholarship 2016 dil hun 31st October thleng pawt sei leh

(Last date for registration/submission of scholarships 2016 has been extended upto 31st October, 2016)

Pre-matric dilna atana thil pawimawh la peih fel lote tan hun a inhawn belh leh a, online- a scholarship dilna National Scholarship Portal-ah October ni 31, 2016 thleng dilna thun theih a ni leh ta.

Mizoram hmun hrang hrangah internet speed a chak lo hle a. Scholarship dil hun tawp a thlen hian network chak loh avang leh hmangtu an tam avanga website tawt lutuk avangin scholarship online-a theh luh kawngah mi tam takin harsatna an tawk.  Hun bituk tawp dawn hun hnuhnung nghak kher lova a hma thei ang bera thil ruahman leh tihfel tum thin a tha a, chu chuan harsatna tam tak lakah min veng thei a ni.

Hetianga scholarship dil theih hun pawhsei a nih leh tak avang hian inthlahdah phah lo ila, a rang lama diln tihfel tum ila a tawpa buaina kan tawh theihte kan pumpelh ngei ang.


Pre-matric scholarships for minorities, 2016-17 (September, 2016 thleng dil theih)

Pre-matric scholarships for minorities, 2016-17 dilna online-a thehluh theih hun August, 2016 thla chhung tih chu September, 2016 thleng pawhsei a ni ta a, zirlaiten hriat a tha. He scholarship dil tur tan online-in hetah Pre-matric scholarships for minorities, 2016-17 application theh luhnaah hian a dil theih a, mahnia ti thei lo chu school-in kan tihsak vek thei.

(The last date for submission of online applications for Pre-matric and Post-matric scholarships for 2016-17 for students belonging to the Minority communities has been extended further till 30 September, 2016. Earlier, the Minority Affairs Ministry had extended last date for submission of online applications for Pre-matric and Post-matric scholarships till 31 August, 2016.

The Union Minister of State for Minority Affairs (Independent Charge) Shri Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said that the Minority Affairs Ministry has taken this decision keeping in mind, a large number of requests and suggestions received from people across the country regarding extension of last date .Shri Naqvi said that the decision was taken in the interest of needy students from poor sections of the Minority communities.Click here)

Hriattur pawimawhte :

1)    Class I atanga class X tan dil theih a ni.
2)    Dilna hi online (internet) hmanga theh luh tur a ni a, mahnia ti thei lo chu dilna pakhat zelah Rs 100/ -in tihsak theih a ni.
3)    Dilna online hmanga tihfel hun chhung hi August, 2016 chhung a ni.
4)    Dilnaah chuan a hnuaia mite hi a scanned copy upload tel a ngai :
(1)     Domicile Certificate (He lai velah chuan Residential certificate tiin an sawi tlangpui a, SDO(C) hnen atangin lak tur)
(2)     Student PhotoGraph (Passport size thlalak pakhat)
(3)     Institute Verification Form (School-in a dik ngei a ni tih a verify-na lehkha)
(4)     Self Declaration of income Certificate by the Student (Kum khat chhunga pawisa lakluh zat zirlaiin a puanna lehkha)
(5)     Self Declaration of minority community certificate by the Students (Sakhaw tenau Muslims/Sikhs/Christians/Buddhists/Jains/Zoroastrians(Parsis) a ni tih zirlaiin a puanna lehkha)
(6)     Self Attested Certificate of pervious academic marksheet (Kum hmasaa zirlai marsheet, amah zirlai ngeiin a dik a ni tih a attest hnan ngei)
(7)     Fee Receipt of current course year (Kumin kum kal laia school fee dawnna receipt)
(8)     Proof of bank account in the name of student (Zirlai hminga bank account siam a ni ngei tihchianna)
(9)     Scanned Copy of Aadhaar Card (Aadhaar Card nei tan a scanned copy upload tel a ngai a, Mizoram bik tan a nei lo chu kumin atan ngaihhnathiam a ni ang)

A chunga document ngai 9 zingah khian school-in kan pek chhuah theih, nu leh pa tana buaipui hah ngai lote chu number 3, 4, 5 leh 7 te khi a ni a, a bak zawng number 1, 2, 6, 8 leh 9 underlined te khi nangmahniin in lo buaipui a ngai ang.

Sawi zauna:
(1)    Domicile certificate hi SDO(C) hnen atangin in lo la chhuak ang a, school-ah in rawn submit ang a, a bak chu kan lo ti vek ang.
(2)    Zirlai passport size thlalak pakhat school-ah in lo submit ang.
(6)    Nikuma an marksheet kha in lo xerox ang a, chu chu zirlaiin a attest ang a, chumi hnuah a xerox copy chu in rawn submit ang. A attest dan tur chu a awl remchang laiah khan ‘Attested by self’ emaw ‘self-attested by’ tih in ziak ang a, a hnuaiah zirlai hming in ziak ang a, zirlaiin a hming a sign ang. Xerox leh attest chungchangah harsatna a awm chuan original marksheet kha in lo submit mai ang a, zirlai erawhchu school-ah kan xerox hunah attest tura a lo kal leh a ngai ang. Xerox sa chu scan leh a chumi hnuah upload tur a ni.
(8)    Zirlai hmingin bank account in lo siam ang a, chu chu scan atan in rawn submit ang. Bank account siam dawn hian identity tihchian nan hian SBI danah chuan document hrang hrang ken theih a awm a, chung zinga zirlai naupangin an neih remchan theih chu aadhaar leh student’s ID card a ni tlangpui. Aadhaar card nei lo chuan student’s ID neih a ngai a, ID siam ngai tan Bazara thlalak siam thin e.g., calitus-ah leh hmun dangah pawh siamtir mai tur a ni a, Principal hming sign ngai chu rawn sign tir mai tur a ni.

(9)    Zirlaiin aadhaar card a neih chuan school-ah rawn submit tur a ni a, a nei lo a nih pawhin a dil theih tho a, Mizoram chu ngaihhnathiam kan ni. A nei chuan tih tel ngei a tha ang.

A chunga document pawimawhte hi a hma thei ang berah school-ah submit ni se la a tha ang. Khawl hmanga scan leh vek a ngaih dawn avang leh chumi hnua internet-ah zirlai pakhat tan account pakhat zel siama fill-up tur thahnem tak fill-up hnuah document-te hi upload vek a ngaih dawn avang te, hun a tlem tawh bawk si avangin document neih kim veleh submit ni se a tha ang.

Khing bakah khian heng hi theh luh tel a ngai bawk :
(1)     Mobile phone number a ngai a, chutah chuan permanent id a lo thleng ang a, chumi hmang chuan nakin zelah dilna dinhmun a en zel theih ang a, kum thara scho dil leh dawn pawhin renewal chuan chu permanent id hmang chuan account-ah lutin dil tur a ni dawn a ni.
(2)    Tin, zirlai date of birth (pian ni, thla leh kum) hi record en hranpa ngai tawh lovin lehkha themah ziak ni bawk se a awlsam awm e.
(3)    Nu leh pa hming thun tel a ngai a, a tlangpuiin kan record neihah te hian pa hming dah a ni tlangpui a, chuvangin a bik takin nu hming pum theh luh tel ni bawk se.

Thuneituten Pre-matric scholarships for minorities, 2016-17 theh luh theih hun an pawhsei avangin hriattirna hmasaa a theh luh hun kha tihdanglam a ni.

Pre matric scholarships for minorities, 2016-17 dil turte tan mi thenkhat hnen atanga lei ngai lova school-in a thlawna a pek chhuah document download theih te :

Self declaration of income by students

(Pre matric scholarships for minorities, 2016-17 dil tur chuan SDO(C) hnen atanga Income Certificate lak ngai lovin he form Self declaration of income hi fill up-in zirlaiin a hming a sign hnan ang a, income tihchian nan hman tur. Kum khata cheng nuai khat la lut lo tan dil theih a ni)

Self declaration of minority community by students

(Pre matric scholarships for minorities, 2016-17 dil tur tan minority community an ni tih zirlaiin a tarlanna form hi hman tur a ni a, tun hmaa kohhran lehkha thil tel thin aiah khan Self declaration of minority community by students hman tur a ni)

Institution verification form

(Pre matric scholarships for minorities, 2016-17 dil turte particulars chu a dik ngei a ni tih an school kalna principal-in a tarlanna a ni a, Institution verification form hi upload tel ngei a ngai)

NEAC and the school


The Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India in 1986 launched a programme called National Environment Awareness Campaign(NEAC) with the objective of creating environmental awareness at the national level. In this campaign, nominal financial assistance is provided to NGOs, schools, colleges, universities, research institutes, women and youth organisations, army units, government departments etc. from all over the country for conducting awareness raising and action oriented activities on a specific given theme selected by the Ministry. The major activities are Rally, Workshop, competition, Padayatra, folk media, AV show, training and meeting.

Groups Eligible to Participante in NEAC

The campaign is being conducted with the help and active participation of non-governmental organisation, education and training institutions, professional associations, scientific bodies, community organisations, and also a whole range of official agencies. These bodies singularly or in partnership with other organisations, will organize programmes for creating environmental awareness of he local, regional and national level. Individuals and unregistered socities / Trusts are not eligible to apply for the financial assistance

Target Groups

Students, Youth, Teachers, Women and women’s organisations like Dwakra groups and VSS, NGOs, Voluntary workers, Farmers, Rural Population, General public, Social workers, Armed forces personnel, Industrial Workers.

Activities under NEAC

Seminar/Workshop/training course/camp
Public meeting/rally/jathra/padayatra
Lecture/film show/AV show
Drama/street theatre/other folk media
Advertisement/poster/banner campaign
Preparation and use/distribution of resource material (publication, educationa kits, posters, audio-visuals, etc)

In addition to the above mentioned awareness campaigns, the selected organisation shoudl also conduct a programme called as “Action Component” connected with the theme proposed by Ministry. The Ministry will specify the items of action component.

Nuchhungi English Medium School, Hnahthial has been actively involved in this campaign for the past years.

Mizo school students

Mizo girls

Mizo school girls

Mizo students boys girls

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“Na’ leh ‘ho’ hmanna – post na, download na, chhelo ho

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 Khingah te khian ‘POST NA’ tih khi chhinchhiah tur.

Hengah ve thung chuan ‘POSTNA’ emaw ‘POST-NA’ emaw ‘POSTNA’ emaw hman tel a ni ve thung – Mizo Hmeichhia Leh Mipa Chhelo postna, Mizo Nula Khal Leh Kheh Var Tak Tak Post-Na, Mizo Nula Hmeltha Thlalak Postna leh Comment na Hmun, Leitlangpui chhelo postna, Tuikual Chhelo Postna, Mizo Hmeichhia Leh Mipa Chhelo postna, Tleirawl Chhelo Postna, Tleirawl Nungchangtha postna, Mizo tleirawl leh rawlthar cute deuh deuh postna, Mizo Mipa \m/etal Tawk Tawk Postna

‘Download na’ tih pawh hi hman lar tak pakhat a ni ve a, hengte hi han en ila : Mizo Hla download na, Mizo Hla Download Na (Zoland), Zo-Mobitech | Mizo Hla Download Na, MIZO BIBLE MOBILE ATANGA DOWNLOAD NA, MIZO HLA/ sap hla DOWNLOAD NA te (Ralte’s mobile blog), Flair Mizo – Mp3 Download na, Mizo Hla Hlui Download NaMOBILE ATANGA MIZO BIBLE DOWNLOAD NA, Mizo Hla Download Na, Mizo Lengzem Hla Thar Download Na DropMusics Free Mp3 And Music Download, Mizo Hla Download Na –, Mizo Music Video Download Na.mp4 – Zotube, Mizo sex video download na, HELPLINE FOR ONLY MIZO: MIZO HLA DOWNLOAD NA TE, LENGZEM VIDEO DOWNLOAD NA | Mazuala’s Mobile Blog, Pc Games Download Na Hmunpui Mizo Tan

Heti anga dik thlarha ziak hi a awm ve bawk a; mahse, a tam lo hle : MIZO HLA DOWNLOAD-NA, Mizo Idol Vawi 3-na, Mizo Keyboard Download-na Hmun Sawn a Ni, Downloads (File, Music, Video etc. download-na) – Bramwell …, Mizo hla lyrics download-na? | mi(sual).com

A mak teh nuai khawp mai. What a predicament !

Mizo theuh theuh, school kal laia Mizo tawng zir theu theuh, kan thil ziak dan leh chhut dan a hrang nuai mai. “Na” hmanna (hman na ni lovin) hi kan va thiam lo teh nuai hlawm em ! ‘Kalna’ leh ‘kal na’ chu a hrang daih a, ‘luna’ tih tur nge ‘lu na’, ‘pumna’ leh pum na’ hian eng nge danglamna a neih ? ‘Na’ hian a hma thu a zawm leh zawm loh azira a awmzia a danglam theihzia leh a chang phei chuan a zawm ngei ngei a ngaihzia hi zirtirtuten zrlaite an zirtir thin lo em ni le ? School tha nia inchhal atanga zir chhuak ngei ngeite pawh hi sipai bang bovin an bo thei a nih ber hi !

‘HO’ kan hman dan hi

‘Na’ ang bawk hian Mizo thumal tam tak hman dik loh a va tam em ! Entir nan, ‘ho’ hman dan pawh hi parts of speech azira a danglam theihzia hriat a va ngai em ! Home Missions School Naupang Chhelo Ho, Ramhlun Chhelo Ho, Providence Chhelo Ho, Mission Veng Ami Chhelo Ho, Electric Veng chhelo ho, Bawngkawn Chhelo Ho, Delhi Teenagers Chhelo Ho, Govt Mixo high Skol Chhelo ho, Tuikhuahtlang Chhelo Ho, Oikos School Chhelo Ho, Chhinga Veng Chhelo Ho, Bungkawn Tleirawl Chhelo Ho, Chanmari chhelo ho, ARMED VENG Chhelo HO, Kolasib Hmeltha+Chhelo HO, Mizo Tleirawl Leh Rawlthar Chhelo Ho, Bungkawn Veng Chhelo Ho, Kulikawn Chhelo ho, J.N.V Naupang chhelo ho, Baptist Higher SS Chhelo Ho, Mission Vengthlang Chhelo Ho, MICE School Chhelo Ho, Dawrpui Vengthar Chhelo ho, Fair Haven School Chhelo Ho, St.Mary’s Chhelo ho+ex marianas, Ramhlun Vengchhak Naupang Leh Tleirawl Chhelo Ho, Kulikawn Chhelo ho, Bungkawn Tleirawl Chhelo Ho, Mizo Hmeltha ho, Kolasib Hmeltha+Chhelo Ho, Khawzawl Khua Hmeltha ho, Mizo Hmeltha ho | Facebook, Nac chicks celo+ hmeltha ho postna – Shillong – School …, HBC Hmeltha Ho Kan Duai Lo | Facebook, Mizo Hmeichhia Piannalh ho | Facebook, Mumbai Mizo Nula Ho Cheraw Kan , Bethlehem Girls and Boys chhelo ho, Lunglei Chanmari Veng Chhelo Ho, Downtown English School Chhelo ho, C.z hr.sec school,kolasib Xstudent chhelo ho pic, Mission Veng Ami Chhelo Ho, Govt.Republic High School & Higher Secondary School Chhelo Ho, Govt. Zemabawk High School & Higher Secondary School Chhelo Ho, Tuikhuahtlang Chhelo Ho, FB Chick chhelo ho, Mizo mipa chhelo ho, Mizo Hmeltha ho, Khawzawl tleirawl chhe lo ho, Khawzawl higher secondary school naupang chhelo ho, Mizo Hmeichhia Piannalh ho, Ramhlun South chhelo ho, Presbyterian English School Darlawn Chhelo Ho, Kendriya vidyalaya aizawl chhelo ho, New Horizon School Chhelo Ho, Mission Vengthlang Chhelo Ho, Durtlang Higher Secondary School Chhelo Ho, Thakthing Veng Ami Chhelo Ho, Republic Veng Chhelo Ho, Mizo Hmeichhia Piannalh ho, Khawzawl khua hmeltra ho, Chanmari Lunglei Chhelo Ho, Kolasib Hmeltha+Chhelo Ho, Presbyterian English School Darlawn Chhelo Ho, Apollo School of Nursing chhelo ho, Khatla Veng chelo ho, Bungkawn Tleirawl Chhelo Ho, Mizo hmeichhe chhelo leh hmeltra ho, Mizo Hmeltha ho, Bethesda Higher Secondary school Chhelo Ho

kawnpui-ah human trafficking zir ho, hnahthial-ah cotpa zir ho, food processsing chung chang zir ho a ni – Directorate of …, lawngtlai ah police ten hiv/aids chungchang zir ho, champhai-ah police officer ten aids chungchang an zir ho, (Bible-ah chuan ‘zirho’ tia ziak a ni : Hebrai 6:12- chutichuan in inthlahdah lovang a, rinna leh nghah peihna vanga thutiamte rochung tawhte zirho in ni zawk ang)

Vanglaini – Delhi Dynamos leh Real Madrid thawk ho maithei, ZoFooty – Chelsea leh Samsung thawk ho zel dawn, Aizawl FC leh DL Plastics-te thawk ho –, Vanglaini – AIFF leh Japan Football Association thawk ho, NGO te inlungrual taka thawk ho dial dial turin kan duhsakna kan hlan a ni, BCM member zawng zawngte kan thawk ho zel dawn nia. (Bible-ah chuan ‘thawkho’ tia ziak a ni : Exodus 36 : 8 – Tin, an zinga mi themthiam hna thawkho zawng zawngte chuan biak buk chu puanzar sawm neiin an siam a… I Samuela 30 : 23 – Chutichuan Davidan, “Unaute u, Lalpa, min humsaka min do tura lo thawkho kan kuta petu thil min pekte chu chutiang chuan in ti lo vang.)

A chungah khian ‘ho’ tih khian a hma thu a zawm lo vek a, ‘Liana chhungte nena chengho kan ni a, tih leh bo zawnnaah Pu Kunga’n min ho a’ tiha ‘ho’ lam rik dan ang ni lo hian ‘Thanga chu a ho khawp a, thutak reng a pai lo’ tiha ‘ho’ lam rik anga lam rik tur niawm tak a ni a, han chhiar mai chuan hmetha lo lem lo; mahse, ‘ho’ ve ang reng tak tak si te thlalak post-na ni mai awm a ni hlawm. Mak deuh maiin a hma thu zawma hmanna a awm ve tlat, Tlangnuam lam hi an changkang ru phian pawh ni fa hmiang ! Tlangnuam People Chhelo-ho

‘Ho’ hian a hma thu a zawm hun leh a hrang nalha a din hun a awm a, thliar hrang thiam turin zirna tha bawk a pawimawh awm e.

School tha chu a product-ah a lang tur a ni a, exam result tha neih ringawt hi school tha tehna a tling zo lo. Zirlaite chuan khawi hmuna pawha an kalpui theih hriatna thami an chhar chhuah a ngai a, chu aia hlu chu a awm chuang lo. Mahni tawng ngei ziak dan pawh thiam lo chuan thil dang chu thiam em em ngaihna a awm awm lo e tiin a ngaihtuah theih ang.

Mizo hmeltha thlalak Mizo mipa hmeltha, ho si lo

Early to school, and early to home for children only – a decision from Aizawl

Mizoram khawpui Aizawl tawt leh chep tak, thawpikthlak khawpa a leilung zawh loh khawpa lirthei tamna hmuna lirthei che vel tawt lutukin a hrin chhuah nia mi tam takin an ngaih, Mizoram-a Primary school atanga Higher Secondary school thlenga school tan hun sawn hma tura Mizoram sawrkarin thutlukna a siam hian Aizawl chauh hi Mizoram a ni emaw titu leh ‘a ni bik lo’ titute rilru-ah ngaih dan inang lo tak tak a siam a, sawimawi phet tum pawl leh he thil duh lo pawlte’n tanhmun an dap vel ruai a ni ber. Nu leh pa tam tak chu an lu a hai lutuk a, in lu a hai ve em ?

A thatna leh that lohna lam tarlan kan tum lo va, sawrkar leh mipui mimir rilru-ah hian zirna hian eng dinhmun chiah nge a luah tih erawh ngaihtuah a ngai thin. Ram hmasawnna innghahna bul ber chu zirna a ni a, zirtirna hna hi hna mawm tak, eiruk tur awm ten tunna hmun a nih lem loh avangin sum ngaina uchuak tan chuan ngaihsan leh dahpawimawh a har khawpin a rinawm.

Nghawng achin chunglam chauha sawi ralah chuan zirna hian eng emaw hun bikah chuan ngaihpawimawh a hlawh hle ni chuan a hriat a, thutlukna siam dawn hian eng dinhmun chiah nge zirna hian a luah thin tih hi zawhna lian tak a ni. Naupangte hmakhua ngaihna avanga thutlukna siam a nih hian thil tha a ni a, ngam zawng an nih avanga a tuartu atana naupang zirna hmatheh a nih erawh chuan ram tana thil pawi tak a ni thei.

Pre Primary school awmnaah chuan zirlaite hi kum 4 chauha upate an awm teuh thin. Chung mite chu kawng tinrengah an nu leh paten an buaipui a ngai a, naupangte school kal hun tan hma hian chhungkaw tam tak chu a nghawng ngei dawn tih a chiang a, direct tak erawh chuan naupang te te hnathawkin an kal hma ang a, puitling office hnathawkte chu muang marin tlai zawkah an hna thawhna hmun panin an chhuak ve chauh thung dawn a ni.

Vai-ho thuziak leh reaearch atanga an thil hmuh chhuah chhiar thin mithiam inti thenkhat chuan vai rama an tih dan kha kawng engkim, sukthlek leh kalphung danglamna, thlahtu bul leh tunhma thil chin dan hran hlakna Mizoram-ah te hman ve an tum leh khut zel a. Khulaia tha kha helaiah a tha ve kher ang em tih ngaihtuah pah zela thutlukna siam hi a finthlak hle ang. Aizawl tana tha tak hi khaw te nau zawk tan chin ve ngawt atan a tha ber lo fo bawk a, a that leh that loh chu thu hran a then phei chu a tih theih loh bur thin. Hei hi Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) hman a nih dan pawh hian a tarlang chiang hle.

Nuchhungi English Medium School-a kal zirlai nu leh pa tam ber chuan an chhungkaw dinhmun an thlirin school tan hma hi thil tih chi-ah an ngai lo hle nia hriat a ni a, mumal deuh zawkin session tan hlimah sawipui an ni ang.

Will this historic and revolutionary decision also directly affect the grown-ups to give rise to a new work culture for the Mizo society, or will it be stuck in just the youngsters ? That is THE question the answers to which will set light on the reality seemingly hidden in this new venture.

In lu a hai ve em

in lu a hai ve em, lu hai lai thlalak

Hmeltha thlalak bawm…a hlimawm zawngin

Mizo nula chhelo kan ti mai
An chhe lo dun vawt vawt a nia…photogenic ropui si…Eli leh Sangsangi
Best schools in mizoram
Mizo model pics
School model, chhe lo si, lehkha thiam si…Sangsangi of Bazar


Mizo students - schools in India
An inla chhe lo hlawm bawr bawr thin…Mipa-ho hian hmeichhe-ho hi an ngam meuh lo
Mizo girls in uniform - schools in India
Thlalak aiin a takah an chhe lo zawk vek…an la in-pose tha duh lo mah mah
Mizo zirlai naupang - private schools in India
Hengho hi a ni kan future chu


Mizo model thlalak
A inlak chhiat loh ang hian a chhe lo tak tak…a zai lai phei chu a chhe lo lehzual…function neih nikhuaa a vaw hot-tu zinga mi…Hlimawmi ngat
Cute Mizo girls photo
Chhe lo dun bawr bawr…Hriati leh juhi
Mizo nula khal
Nula fel, lehkathiam, school tihmingthatute…an hmeltha kan ti..Muani leh Ruthi


Mizo zirlai naupang
Mizo zirlai
Mizo zirlai naupang
An chhe lo lutuk mah mah em aw
Mizo students
Inla model ngawih ngawihte ..hahaaa…hit top


Mizo zirlai naupang thlalak
An chhe lo teh mai a nia
Mizo students
Cute hlawm tawp
Top schools in Mizoram
Hmeltha class bawk


Mizo zirlai naupang
Chhe lo ve pangngai tak chu an ni….
Mizo school zirlai naupang thlalak
Hei pawh cute hlawm toppp
Cute little Mizo children
Hmeltha ber class…cute hlawm si


Cute Mizo girls chhelo nge chhe lo
Mual sirah pawh la chhe lo haih haih tak an ni…an posture pawh a model zaih mai………………………………………Mizo model Nunui Kimkimi and friends mini kim model iangin
Mizo school naupang
An te vang vang hian zai pawh an thiam hlawm teh a nia.
Mizo zirlai tleirawl hmeltha hlir
An inla zeiin an inti hmeltha hlawm teh mai.