NEAC and the school


The Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India in 1986 launched a programme called National Environment Awareness Campaign(NEAC) with the objective of creating environmental awareness at the national level. In this campaign, nominal financial assistance is provided to NGOs, schools, colleges, universities, research institutes, women and youth organisations, army units, government departments etc. from all over the country for conducting awareness raising and action oriented activities on a specific given theme selected by the Ministry. The major activities are Rally, Workshop, competition, Padayatra, folk media, AV show, training and meeting.

Groups Eligible to Participante in NEAC

The campaign is being conducted with the help and active participation of non-governmental organisation, education and training institutions, professional associations, scientific bodies, community organisations, and also a whole range of official agencies. These bodies singularly or in partnership with other organisations, will organize programmes for creating environmental awareness of he local, regional and national level. Individuals and unregistered socities / Trusts are not eligible to apply for the financial assistance

Target Groups

Students, Youth, Teachers, Women and women’s organisations like Dwakra groups and VSS, NGOs, Voluntary workers, Farmers, Rural Population, General public, Social workers, Armed forces personnel, Industrial Workers.

Activities under NEAC

Seminar/Workshop/training course/camp
Public meeting/rally/jathra/padayatra
Lecture/film show/AV show
Drama/street theatre/other folk media
Advertisement/poster/banner campaign
Preparation and use/distribution of resource material (publication, educationa kits, posters, audio-visuals, etc)

In addition to the above mentioned awareness campaigns, the selected organisation shoudl also conduct a programme called as “Action Component” connected with the theme proposed by Ministry. The Ministry will specify the items of action component.

Nuchhungi English Medium School, Hnahthial has been actively involved in this campaign for the past years.

Mizo school students

Mizo girls

Mizo school girls

Mizo students boys girls

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