Best schools in Mizoram

There are quite a number of schools in Mizoram. Nuchhungi English Medium School is one amongst them. To nurture the children for their moral and physical development is the guiding principle of the school as many of the schools in Mizoram, (Aizawl, Lunglei, Serchhip, Champhai, Kolasib, Mamit, Lawngtlai, Saiha, Hnahthial, etc), those run by the government in particular, seem to neglect important basic aspects. Our motto is taken from the Holy Bible.

What will be the criteria for any schools, private or public, to claim to be top schools in Mizoram or best schools in Mizoram, or top ten schools in Mizoram. There are a good number of sites which store a certain list of schools in a particular area or location. The sad thing is that just a small number of schools are listed almost in all of those sites and that some of the information they cite proves to be completely wrong while they claim to collect those data from reliable sources or by visiting the schools themselves. As a matter of fact, they leave out some of the best schools in a particular locality, while some third grade schools are advertised prominently. If one needs to compare schools or find the best schools for kids, he better not depend on information published on those websites. List of schools in Lunglei or Hnahthial or any other town, list of private schools in Mizoram published by those websites do not tell the whole story at all. The fact of the matter is, there are a number of good schools which are not in the lists.

Do good results of Board Exams alone tell the whole story about the schools ? Not at all. There are schools where only brilliant students with excellent past records are admitted. It is no wonder that these schools produce good results at the end of the session. At the same time, there are unnoticeable schools in some remote places where the best quality education is being given to the not so bright and some below normal pupils. The latter never get noticed as the students’ intelligence in general is not competent. But, they sure deserve some respect.

Top schools in Mizoram

Best schools in Mizoram

Top schools in Mizoram


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