MZU (Mizoram University) Results – B.A, B.Sc., B.Bom. Results, 2015

Mizoram University Examinations results, 2015 – MZU results, 2015

Bachelor of Arts
Sixth Semester Regular ( 2012 Batch)
Pachhunga University College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1201BA463 C. Malsawmdawngkima Economics 630 Second
1201BA464 G. Lalvensanga Economics 739 First
1201BA465 Johny Lalhmingsanga Economics 837 First
1201BA467 Lalchhanhima Economics 678 Second
1201BA468 Laldintluanga Economics 675 Second
1201BA471 Lalsangpuia Ngente History 839 First
1201BA472 Stephan Lalremthara Economics 909 First
1201BA474 C. Lalrindiki Economics 772 First
1201BA476 Esther Lalchhanhimi Economics 665 Second
1201BA477 Jenny Lalramzauvi Economics 682 Second
1201BA478 Lalbuatsaihi Vanchhawng Economics 720 First
1201BA479 Laldinsangi Economics 720 First
1201BA480 Lalhlupuii Economics 625 Second
1201BA482 Vanzampuii Economics 683 Second
1201BA485 Lallianzama Economics 636 Second
1201BA489 Lalzawmngheta Economics 821 First
1201BA492 C. Lalruatfeli Economics 736 First
1201BA493 Christina Lalrammawii Economics 727 First
1201BA495 Lalrinhlui Economics 795 First
1201BA503 B. Biakthachhini Education 748 First
1201BA505 C. Lalnunziri Education 686 Second
1201BA506 Catherine Vanrengpuii Education 801 First
1201BA511 H. Lalhualhimi Education 807 First
1201BA512 Jacinta Biakrinawmi Education 822 First
1201BA513 L. Laltlankimi Education 656 Second
1201BA516 Lallawmkimi Education 640 Second
1201BA517 Lallawmkimi Education 837 First
1201BA518 Lalnunpeki Fanai Education 816 First
1201BA520 Lalramdini Sailo Education 916 First
1201BA521 Lalremliani Education 703 Second
1201BA522 Martina Lalrindiki Education 689 Second
1201BA523 P.C. Ramnunthari Education 697 Second
1201BA524 R.C. Lallawmzuali Education 795 First
1201BA525 Rebecca Lalchhuanawmi Education 890 First
1201BA526 Ruth Lalngaihawmi Education 696 Second
1201BA527 Ruthi Malsawmzuali Education 681 Second
1201BA528 V. Lalremruati Education 663 Second
1201BA529 Zohmingliani Education 671 Second
1201BA531 John Lalremruata Education 624 Second
1201BA534 Lalhruaitluangi Ralte Education 710 Second
1201BA535 Vanrammuanpuii Education 739 First
1201BA537 Clement Zothanpuia History 832 First
1201BA538 Gospel Lalhmingchuanga History 835 First
1201BA542 Laldawngkima History 754 First
1201BA543 Laldingmawia History 592 Pass
1201BA546 Lalrinawma History 729 First
1201BA547 P.C. Lalrosangzuala History 673 Second
1201BA548 V. Lalchhanchhuaha History 638 Second
1201BA550 Lalhmingduhawmi History 693 Second
1201BA551 Lalremdiki History 809 First
1201BA552 Lalropuii History 713 Second
1201BA553 P.C. Zosangpuii History 848 First
1201BA554 R. Lalthlamuani History 980 First
1201BA555 V. Lalremruati History 794 First
1201BA556 Vanlalduhsaki Royte History 848 First
1201BA557 Eric Khuplianlal Simte History 664 Second
1201BA559 Lalrinawma Hnamte History 754 First
1201BA560 Vanlalduhawma History 710 Second
1201BA561 Hmangaihzuali History 889 First
1201BA562 Lalchhandami History 911 First
1201BA564 Lalnunpuii History 813 First
1201BA568 V.L. Dinpuii History 857 First
1201BA569 V. Lalawmpuii History 785 First
1201BA570 B. Lalruatpuia Mizo 786 First
1201BA571 Lalawmpuia Mizo 795 First
1201BA574 Zothantluanga Mizo 802 First
1201BA575 Baby Hmingthansangi Mizo 859 First
1201BA576 Lalrinzuali Mizo 845 First
1201BA577 Lalthankimi Fanai Mizo 891 First
1201BA578 Lalthanzauvi Mizo 853 First
1201BA589 Rosangzuala Mizo 793 First
1201BA592 H. Lalruatfeli Mizo 749 First
1201BA600 Brigit Malsawmkimi Philosophy 627 Second
1201BA601 C. Lalendiki Philosophy 746 First
1201BA602 Cingsialdon Philosophy 754 First
1201BA604 Lalbiaknungi Philosophy 590 Pass
1201BA606 Laldinpuii Political Science 783 First
1201BA609 Lalruatfeli Philosophy 664 Second
1201BA610 Rody Lalhruaizeli Philosophy 779 First
1201BA613 Ramnghahmawia Philosophy 668 Second
1201BA616 Babilon Chakma Political Science 788 First
1201BA617 C. Lalhmachhuana Political Science 749 First
1201BA618 Caleba Lalnunpuia Political Science 841 First
1201BA620 G. Thangmuansanga Political Science 964 First
1201BA621 Israel Ramngaihzuala Political Science 884 First
1201BA622 K. Lalramnghaka Political Science 858 First
1201BA623 Lalrempuia Political Science 715 Second
1201BA624 Lalremruata Zadeng Political Science 811 First
1201BA625 Lalrinchhuanga Political Science 711 Second
1201BA626 P.C. Laltlanzova Political Science 776 First
1201BA628 Richard Zothanmawia Political Science 841 First
1201BA629 Rokamlova Hmar Political Science 706 Second
1201BA630 Annie Lalenkawli Political Science 812 First
1201BA631 Jenny Lalrinmawii Khiangte Political Science 807 First
1201BA632 Lalfakzuali Political Science 781 First
1201BA633 Lalhmangaihzuali Political Science 797 First
1201BA635 Lalremruati Political Science 779 First
1201BA636 Loreta Lalruatpuii Political Science 875 First
1201BA637 Lucy Lalnuntluangi Political Science 798 First
1201BA639 Saizampuii Political Science 720 First
1201BA640 Susan Lalbuatsaihi Political Science 833 First
1201BA642 Zohmingsangi Political Science 835 First
1201BA643 Zonunsangi Chhakchhuak Political Science 843 First
1201BA644 C. Vanlalzuata Political Science 755 First
1201BA646 Isaac B. Zolawmpuia Political Science 698 Second
1201BA647 Lalhmingsangzela Political Science 720 First
1201BA648 Lalruatkima Ralte Political Science 669 Second
1201BA649 H. Mikheli Political Science 796 First
1201BA651 Lalchhuanawmi Political Science 759 First
1201BA653 Lalrinsangi Political Science 706 Second
1201BA658 H. Lalchawikima Public Administration 690 Second
1201BA659 Laldawngliana Public Administration 600 Second
1201BA660 Lalremruata Khiangte Public Administration 687 Second
1201BA661 Lalvenhima Khawlhring Public Administration 845 First
1201BA664 Zosangliana Fanai Public Administration 656 Second
1201BA665 Babie Zorinpuii Hmar Public Administration 835 First
1201BA667 Elizabeth Vanlalchawimawii Public Administration 660 Second
1201BA668 H.C. Lalfamkimi Public Administration 757 First
1201BA669 Jennifer Lalrinawmi Public Administration 775 First
1201BA671 Lalthazuali Public Administration 747 First
1201BA672 Vanlalnunpuii Public Administration 627 Second
1201BA674 C. Lalhlimpuia Public Administration 865 First
1201BA675 C.L. Ramdinthara Public Administration 590 Pass
1201BA676 Eric C. Lalnunsanga Public Administration 804 First
1201BA679 Kevin Lalhriatpuia Public Administration 665 Second
1201BA680 Lalbiakzuala Public Administration 724 First
1201BA685 Lalhmangaihi Public Administration 756 First
1201BA687 Saizikpuii Sailo Public Administration 757 First
1201BA688 Samuel V.L. Hruaia Sailo Sociology 799 First
1201BA689 Vanlalpeka Sociology 1042 First
1201BA692 Lalrindiki Tochhong Sociology 866 First
1201BA694 Dominic Laldawngliana Sociology 983 First
1201BA696 Lalmuanpuia Sociology 976 First
1201BA698 Laltanpuia Political Science 885 First
1201BA699 Laltluangliana Khiangte Political Science 985 First
1201BA701 R.K. Malsawmtluanga Political Science 853 First
1201BA702 R. Lalmuanpuia Sociology 949 First
1201BA703 Vanlalchhanhima Sociology 885 First
1201BA706 Dorothy Lalchhanhimi Sociology 845 First
1201BA708 Esther Lalmuanpuii Sociology 972 First
1201BA709 F. Lalmuanpuii Sociology 754 First
1201BA710 Golden N.G. Byhnapawpi Sociology 747 First
1201BA711 Hmingthapari Ngente Sociology 792 First
1201BA713 Lalchhuanawmi Sociology 849 First
1201BA714 Lallawmzuali Sociology 734 First
1201BA716 Liansangkimi Sociology 832 First
1201BA718 Malsawmtluangi Sociology 741 First
1201BA720 T. Shabina Marapawngia Sociology 754 First
1201BA723 B. Lalkhawngaihi Psychology 796 First
1201BA726 R. Lalremsanga Psychology 773 First
1201BA729 C. Laltanpuii Psychology 728 First
1201BA731 Dorothy Lalbiaknungi Psychology 626 Second
1201BA732 Elizabeth Laldinpuii Psychology 753 First
1201BA735 Lalhriatpuii Psychology 733 First
1201BA736 Lalhriatpuii Psychology 616 Second
1201BA739 Lalremtluangi Hmar Psychology 778 First
1201BA740 Lalrinawmi Rawite Psychology 775 First
1201BA742 Liandimvung Psychology 830 First
1201BA743 Liansangpuii Psychology 672 Second
1201BA744 Marina Lalrohlupuii Psychology 677 Second
1201BA748 Vanlalhmangaihi Psychology 681 Second
1201BA749 Vanlalruatpuii Psychology 667 Second
1201BA751 Vanmalsawmi Psychology 720 First
1201BA752 Zirsangliani Psychology 678 Second
1201BA755 C. Lalhmangaihzuala Geography 866 First
1201BA756 Dominic Lalnunhlua Geography 765 First
1201BA758 Joseph Lalthazuala Geography 658 Second
1201BA766 R. Laldinchhuaha Geography 724 First
1201BA768 Thuamlalmuana Geography 871 First
1201BA772 J. Lalrinchhani Geography 683 Second
1201BA773 K. Lalrinpuii Geography 753 First
1201BA774 Lalhrezuali Geography 731 First
1201BA776 Lalrinawmi Geography 698 Second
1201BA777 Lalrindiki Geography 572 Pass
1201BA778 Lalthanzami Geography 658 Second
1201BA780 R. Lalnunmawii Geography 706 Second
1201BA782 Benjamin J. Malsawmdawnga Economics 687 Second
1201BA784 Lalbiakhlui Geography 806 First
1201BA785 Lallawmsangi Geography 857 First
1201BA786 Lalnghakliani Geography 729 First
1201BA787 Lalrempuii Pachuau Geography 822 First
1219BA162 D.S. Luni Public Administration 813 First
Pachhunga University College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
No. of Candidates : 164
No. of Appeared : 163
Passed : 103
Pass Percentage : 63.19
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1201BS186 Aman Kumar Chemistry 797 First
1201BS188 David Laltluangliana Botany 775 First
1201BS191 Lalbiakdika Botany 961 First
1201BS192 P.S. Lalrochawia Botany 908 First
1201BS193 Saingengliana Sailo Botany 826 First
1201BS194 Vanlalhlimpuia Botany 914 First
1201BS195 Vanlalnunpuia Botany 910 First
1201BS196 Zohmingsanga Chawngthu Botany 922 First
1201BS197 C. Lalchhanhimi Botany 881 First
1201BS198 Esther Lalthazuali Botany 809 First
1201BS200 F.C. Vanlalhnemi Botany 820 First
1201BS202 Lalbiakngheti Tlau Botany 865 First
1201BS203 Lalchhandami Fanai Botany 779 First
1201BS205 Lalnuntluangi Botany 904 First
1201BS207 Lucy Lalawmpuii Botany 877 First
1201BS209 Rohluzuali Botany 895 First
1201BS211 Sabina Laltanpuii Botany 801 First
1201BS212 Thanghmingliani Botany 905 First
1201BS213 Vanlalvohbiki Botany 921 First
1201BS217 Jeff Lalrinpuia Biotechnology 949 First
1201BS220 P.C. Lalnunsanga Biotechnology 704 Second
1201BS221 V. Lalrintluanga Biotechnology 959 First
1201BS223 Cindy Lalremtluangi Biotechnology 1042 First
1201BS224 Judy Lalchhanhimi Biotechnology 1031 First
1201BS225 R. Lalruathlui Biotechnology 990 First
1201BS227 J.C. Zirthangmawia Environmental Science 878 First
1201BS228 Bijoyta Devi Environmental Science 947 First
1201BS229 C. Hmingthansangi Environmental Science 916 First
1201BS231 J. Lalfakawmi Environmental Science 955 First
1201BS234 Lalthlamuanpuii Environmental Science 920 First
1201BS235 Lalzirzeli Environmental Science 1011 First
Bachelor of Science
Pachhunga University College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1201BS237 Malsawmsanga Ralte Environmental Science 889 First
1201BS240 Albert C. Lalnunpuia Zoology 784 First
1201BS241 Bibian Lalchhuanliana Zoology 958 First
1201BS243 C. Lalremruata Zoology 965 First
1201BS245 K. Vanchuangkima Zoology 965 First
1201BS246 Lalbiakzuala Zoology 976 First
1201BS247 Laldawngliana Zoology 839 First
1201BS248 Lalhruaitluanga Zoology 816 First
1201BS249 Lallawmchhunga Zoology 911 First
1201BS251 Lalrinngheta Hauzel Zoology 886 First
1201BS253 Zoliansanga Zoology 832 First
1201BS254 C. Lalfakawmi Zoology 945 First
1201BS255 C. Lalmuansangi Zoology 1055 First
1201BS258 Lalrinpuii Zoology 977 First
1201BS260 Mgcc Zairohlupuii Zoology 937 First
1201BS261 Miriam Ramchanchinthai Zoology 983 First
1201BS264 R. Lalbiakzuala Zoology 797 First
1201BS265 Biakremlaia Hlondo Chemistry 805 First
1201BS268 Lalrinawma Zote Chemistry 868 First
1201BS269 Lalrintluanga Jongte Chemistry 732 First
1201BS273 Samson Lalhmangaihzuala Chemistry 904 First
1201BS275 C. Lalruatfeli Chemistry 720 First
1201BS279 Linda Lalawmpuii Chemistry 746 First
1201BS281 Vanlalthari Chemistry 728 First
1201BS282 C. Samuel Touthang Chemistry 703 Second
1201BS283 H. Vanlalremruata Chemistry 733 First
1201BS286 Raymond Vanlalrohnuna Chemistry 761 First
1201BS287 Lawmsangpuii Chemistry 846 First
1201BS289 Joseph Lalramliana Geology 772 First
1201BS293 R. Lalawmpuia Geology 875 First
1201BS294 Richard Lalrinzuala Geology 825 First
1201BS295 T.C. Laltholeha Geology 818 First
1201BS296 Zoliansanga Geology 860 First
1201BS298 Easter Lalhmingmuani Geology 895 First
1201BS299 H. Lalthakimi Geology 780 First
1201BS300 Jenny Zomuanpuii Geology 956 First
Pachhunga University College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1201BS301 Lalhlimpuii Geology 979 First
1201BS302 Lalnunsiami Geology 874 First
1201BS305 Zairemmawii Geology 844 First
1201BS306 Zothansangi Geology 879 First
1201BS309 Reuben Lalruatfela Geology 904 First
1201BS310 V. Lalbiakmawia Geology 970 First
1201BS313 Laltlanmawia Mathematics 921 First
1201BS314 Tluangzathanga Jahau Mathematics 796 First
1201BS315 W. Steven L. Nganba Mathematics 787 First
1201BS317 F. Lalbiaknunga Mathematics 861 First
1201BS318 F. Lalmuanzuala Mathematics 831 First
1201BS319 Gospel Lalchawimawia Mathematics 743 First
1201BS320 H.K. Laldinpuia Mathematics 867 First
1201BS321 H. Vanlalzarzova Mathematics 876 First
1201BS323 Hmingsangliana Mathematics 1129 First
1201BS324 Imanuela Mathematics 843 First
1201BS326 Lallianzuala Mathematics 997 First
1201BS328 Lalramchanpuia Mathematics 1003 First
1201BS329 Lalrinhlua Mathematics 881 First
1201BS330 Malsawmzuala Mathematics 879 First
1201BS332 Solomon Lalmalsawma Mathematics 779 First
1201BS337 Lalrammawii Mathematics 805 First
1201BS338 Laltlanhlui Mathematics 830 First
1201BS341 Monalisa Zawtha Mathematics 700 Second
1201BS348 Lallawmpuia Physics 1078 First
1201BS352 Lalruatpuia Physics 943 First
1201BS353 V.L. Zalawma Physics 836 First
1201BS355 Malsawmtluangi Physics 926 First
1201BS363 Lalnunzama Vantawl Physics 715 Second
1201BS371 T. Lalrinengi Physics 817 First
1201BS373 H.S. Lalremsiama Statistics 858 First
1201BS376 Lalhriatpuia Statistics 907 First
1201BS378 Lalnunkima Statistics 936 First
1201BS381 Nelson Lalthanpuia Statistics 753 First
1201BS384 Vanlalnghakliana Statistics 915 First
1201BS385 Biakhmingthangi Statistics 843 First
Pachhunga University College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
No. of Candidates : 38
No. of Appeared : 38
Passed : 25
Pass Percentage : 65.78
Roll No. Name Marks Division
1201BC055 C. Lalramropuia 1276 First
1201BC058 Emmanuel Lalrindika 1058 Second
1201BC061 Joseph R. Lalawmpuia 1026 Second
1201BC062 K. Beingalai 1045 Second
1201BC065 Lalmawizuala 1157 Second
1201BC067 Laltlanliana 1074 Second
1201BC071 Richard Lalbuatsaiha 1286 First
1201BC072 Samuel Lalrinliana 1059 Second
1201BC074 Baby Lalthantluangi 1335 First
1201BC075 Christina Lalruatkimi 1267 First
1201BC076 Daphne Vanlalchhandami 1241 First
1201BC077 Esther Lalnunsiami 1191 Second
1201BC078 Ever Lalnungi 1009 Second
1201BC079 H.C. Thiely 1059 Second
1201BC081 Lalbiakdiki 1400 First
1201BC082 Lalenkawli 1242 First
1201BC084 Lalrinkimi 1257 First
1201BC086 Melody Remsangpuii 1425 First
1201BC087 Mercy F. Lalmawizuali 1127 Second
1201BC088 Parhleisungi 1168 Second
1201BC089 Prudence Zorinpuii 1270 First
1201BC090 Rebecca Lalhriatpuii 1317 First
1201BC091 Rebecca Pradhan 1322 First
1201BC093 Vanlalhriati 1114 Second
1201BC094 Zothansangi 1267 First
Pachhunga University College
Bachelor of Commerce
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1202BA240 Anthony Lallianzela English 752 First
1202BA241 Christopher Remlalfaka English 667 Second
1202BA245 Lalrinfela English 652 Second
1202BA246 Michael Lalremsanga English 625 Second
1202BA247 P.C. Lalzawmliana English 621 Second
1202BA251 Angela Lalrinhlui English 772 First
1202BA254 C. Lalruatpuii English 875 First
1202BA255 C. Vanlalawmpuii English 627 Second
1202BA257 Judith Lalawmpuii English 702 Second
1202BA258 Juliet Lalnuntluangi English 555 Pass
1202BA259 L.P. Lalhriatpuii English 672 Second
1202BA260 Laldinsangi English 693 Second
1202BA261 Lalhlimpuii Chhangte English 675 Second
1202BA262 Lalhmangaihzuali English 607 Second
1202BA265 Lalremsangi Chawngthu English 690 Second
1202BA266 Lalrinzuali English 650 Second
1202BA267 Lalthlamuani Fanai English 744 First
1202BA270 P.C. Vanlalsangi English 740 First
1202BA271 R. Vanlalduhsaki English 647 Second
1202BA276 Vantluangpuii English 662 Second
1202BA278 C. Lalruatsanga Mizo 716 Second
1202BA279 H. Lalhriatzuala Mizo 759 First
1202BA280 H. Vanlalruatkima Mizo 741 First
1202BA281 Jeremia Lalbiaknia Mizo 640 Second
1202BA282 K. Lalrammawia Mizo 676 Second
1202BA284 Laldinpuia Renthlei Mizo 698 Second
1202BA285 Lalhmangaihzuala Mizo 798 First
1202BA286 Lalramtluanga Mizo 849 First
1202BA290 Malsawmtluanga Mizo 656 Second
Bachelor of Arts
Govt. Aizawl College
No. of Candidates : 272
No. of Appeared : 271
Pass : 196
Pass Percentage : 72.32
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1202BA292 P.C. Lalngaihzuala Mizo 818 First
1202BA295 V.L. Hriatpuia Mizo 761 First
1202BA297 C. Lalkhawngaihdawngliani Mizo 760 First
1202BA298 Elizabeth Vanlalthlengliani Mizo 718 Second
1202BA299 Emily Hmingthansangi Mizo 799 First
1202BA300 Gospel Lalchawimawii Mizo 724 First
1202BA301 H. Ramdinmawii Mizo 736 First
1202BA304 Joity Lalrinzuali Mizo 855 First
1202BA305 K. Lalduhawmi Mizo 667 Second
1202BA306 K. Lalhlimawmi Mizo 711 Second
1202BA309 Lalduhawmi Mizo 814 First
1202BA310 Lalfamkimi Mizo 769 First
1202BA312 Lalhlimpuii Mizo 683 Second
1202BA315 Lalrinngheti Mizo 837 First
1202BA316 Lalruatfeli Mizo 694 Second
1202BA317 Liandailovi Renthlei Mizo 704 Second
1202BA318 Malsawmzuali Mizo 756 First
1202BA319 Malsawmzuali Mizo 727 First
1202BA320 Margaret Lalthakimi Mizo 767 First
1202BA321 P.C. Lalbeiseii Mizo 735 First
1202BA323 R. Lalrinawmi Mizo 773 First
1202BA324 R. Lalrinhlui Mizo 758 First
1202BA327 Ruth C.Vanlalzari Mizo 755 First
1202BA329 V.L. Muankimi Mizo 769 First
1202BA330 Vanlalremkimi Mizo 748 First
1202BA331 Eddie Darrimawia History 574 Pass
1202BA333 Gospel Malsawmtluanga History 616 Second
1202BA334 Isaac Hmingchungnunga History 591 Pass
1202BA337 Lalhmunkima History 566 Pass
1202BA338 Lalnunchhunga History 620 Second
1202BA339 Lalnunpuia History 736 First
1202BA340 Lalrampansanga History 617 Second
1202BA342 Lalremsiama History 601 Second
1202BA347 R. Vanlalchhuanga History 572 Pass
1202BA348 Vanlalnghaka History 669 Second
1202BA350 Abisaki History 647 Second
Govt. Aizawl College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1202BA351 C.H. Lallawmzuali History 684 Second
1202BA352 C. Lalngaihsangi Mizo 803 First
1202BA354 F. Laltanpuii History 702 Second
1202BA355 J. Lalrampari History 637 Second
1202BA357 Laldinpuii History 697 Second
1202BA360 Lalhminghlui History 708 Second
1202BA361 Lalnunkimi History 716 Second
1202BA362 Lalpianfeli Mizo 798 First
1202BA363 Lalramchullovi History 667 Second
1202BA364 Lalrinthangi History 796 First
1202BA365 Laltharmawii History 759 First
1202BA366 Lalthazuali History 564 Pass
1202BA368 Malsawmtluangi History 584 Pass
1202BA369 Nancy Laltlansangi History 641 Second
1202BA371 Rebeki History 832 First
1202BA372 Rosangpuii History 684 Second
1202BA376 B. Lalruatzela Political Science 723 First
1202BA377 Calvin Lalremsiama Political Science 782 First
1202BA378 C. Lalhlimawma Political Science 807 First
1202BA379 C. Lalremruatfela Political Science 698 Second
1202BA384 Malsawmdawngkima Political Science 823 First
1202BA385 Malsawmsanga Political Science 626 Second
1202BA387 Laldinpuia Political Science 663 Second
1202BA388 Lalengmawia History 815 First
1202BA391 Lalruatfela Political Science 700 Second
1202BA392 Lalruatfela Tuallawt Political Science 713 Second
1202BA393 Lalthafela Political Science 613 Second
1202BA399 Ramtharnghaka Political Science 808 First
1202BA402 Samuel Lallawmsanga Political Science 615 Second
1202BA404 Vanlalduata Ngente Political Science 633 Second
1202BA406 Vanneihtluanga Political Science 792 First
1202BA407 Anu Chhetri Political Science 675 Second
1202BA408 Barbie Lalbiaksangi Sailo Political Science 694 Second
1202BA409 Evelyn Lalchhandami Political Science 798 First
1202BA410 C. Lalneihkimi Political Science 689 Second
1202BA411 Catherine Lalfakzuali Political Science 878 First
Govt. Aizawl College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1202BA412 Cicily Lalmuankimi Political Science 736 First
1202BA413 E. Lalhriatchhungi Political Science 639 Second
1202BA414 G.C. Vanlalruati Political Science 711 Second
1202BA415 H. Lalmuankimi Political Science 863 First
1202BA416 K. Lalruatpuii Political Science 694 Second
1202BA417 Lalawfeli Political Science 749 First
1202BA418 Lalengzuali Political Science 641 Second
1202BA419 Lalhmingthangi Political Science 837 First
1202BA420 Lalhriatpuii Fanai Political Science 672 Second
1202BA421 Lalngaihawmi Political Science 659 Second
1202BA424 Malsawmdawngliani Political Science 670 Second
1202BA425 Marina Lalhriatzeli Political Science 823 First
1202BA426 Mita Kumari Political Science 602 Second
1202BA427 P.C. Lalrinmawii Political Science 565 Pass
1202BA428 Rebecca Lalchhanhimi Political Science 783 First
1202BA429 TBC Zoremtluangi Political Science 853 First
1202BA430 Vanlalhruaii Political Science 729 First
1202BA440 Nicholas K.V.B Byhnadao Education 655 Second
1202BA443 Bethseby Lalhualhimi Fanai Political Science 707 Second
1202BA444 C.C. Lalhruaitluangi Sociology 666 Second
1202BA445 Esther Lalruatfeli Political Science 793 First
1202BA446 Esther Zonuntluangi Education 680 Second
1202BA447 H.C. Lallawmsiami Education 637 Second
1202BA448 H. Lalrokimi Sociology 652 Second
1202BA449 H. Zosangpuii Education 713 Second
1202BA450 Jessica Lalrinzuali Education 596 Pass
1202BA452 Lalchhuanmawii Political Science 692 Second
1202BA455 Lalhriatchhungi Education 605 Second
1202BA457 Lallawmzuali Education 647 Second
1202BA458 Lallianpuii Education 790 First
1202BA459 Lalramhmuaki Education 705 Second
1202BA460 Lalrinpuii Education 647 Second
1202BA462 Malsawmdawngliani Education 752 First
1202BA463 Malsawmzuali Education 804 First
1202BA466 R. Vanlalruati Education 713 Second
1202BA469 Sherilyn Valentina Political Science 820 First
Govt. Aizawl College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1202BA473 Zonunmawii Education 706 Second
1202BA474 C. Zomuanpuia Economics 629 Second
1202BA477 H. Remrikhuma Economics 723 First
1202BA480 Lalhruaitluanga Economics 671 Second
1202BA482 Lalnuntluanga Pachuau Economics 750 First
1202BA483 Lalpekhlua Economics 666 Second
1202BA486 Malsawmkima Economics 652 Second
1202BA487 Manoj Kanti Tongchangya Economics 631 Second
1202BA490 R. Lalrohlua Economics 589 Pass
1202BA492 Ramhmingthanga Economics 649 Second
1202BA493 R. Ramhruaitluanga Economics 676 Second
1202BA496 Christina Lalhlimpuii Economics 625 Second
1202BA498 C. Zothansangi Economics 723 First
1202BA500 Emy Lalhmangaihi Economics 641 Second
1202BA501 Hmingthanmawii Economics 775 First
1202BA504 Lalramliani Renthlei Economics 673 Second
1202BA505 Lalremruati Economics 672 Second
1202BA506 Lalrinkimi Economics 700 Second
1202BA507 Lalngilneii Economics 643 Second
1202BA508 Laltluanpuii Rokhum Economics 669 Second
1202BA509 Malsawmtluangi Economics 640 Second
1202BA511 Vantluangpuii Economics 724 First
1202BA513 Andrew F. Lalrinsanga Sociology 730 First
1202BA517 Lalpanmawia Sociology 697 Second
1202BA518 Lalramsanga Sociology 976 First
1202BA522 Lalthankima Sociology 588 Pass
1202BA524 Laltlankima Sociology 736 First
1202BA526 P.C. Lalrammuana Sociology 729 First
1202BA527 R. Lalngilneia Sociology 582 Pass
1202BA528 R. Lalruatfela Sociology 571 Pass
1202BA530 Samuel Lalramnghaka Sociology 745 First
1202BA532 Sukramonia Sociology 788 First
1202BA535 Vanlallianzela Sociology 584 Pass
1202BA538 Zohmingthanga Sociology 570 Pass
1202BA539 Amy Lalthanzuali Sociology 718 Second
1202BA540 Biakchungnungi Sociology 786 First
Govt. Aizawl College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1202BA541 C. Lalhriatpuii Sociology 649 Second
1202BA542 C. Marina Zorempuii Sociology 792 First
1202BA543 Christina Lalmalsawmi Sociology 713 Second
1202BA545 F. Lallawmzuali Sociology 624 Second
1202BA546 F. Lalrinhlui Sociology 689 Second
1202BA547 F. Vanlalngaihdami Sociology 596 Pass
1202BA548 Georgie Lalchhanhimi Sociology 640 Second
1202BA549 Hmangaihzuali Chawngthu Sociology 601 Second
1202BA550 Hmingthansangi Sociology 704 Second
1202BA551 Jennifer Lalramchuani Sociology 569 Pass
1202BA552 Julia Lalbiakzuali Sociology 704 Second
1202BA554 Lalbiaksiami Sociology 588 Pass
1202BA555 Lianhmingthangi Sociology 604 Second
1202BA556 Lallawmzuali Sociology 661 Second
1202BA557 Lalliansangi Sailo Sociology 592 Pass
1202BA563 Mimi Lalkhumtiri Sociology 719 Second
1202BA564 R.K. Lalliankimi Sociology 657 Second
1202BA566 Vanlalhriatrengi Sociology 708 Second
1202BA567 Vanlalthliri Sociology 674 Second
1202BA572 Kamala Thapa Hindi 976 First
1202BA573 Ngurnunsangi Hindi 751 First
1202BA574 Priyanka Shakyawar Hindi 907 First
1202BA575 Sangeeta Chhetri Khadka Hindi 645 Second
No. of Candidates : 54
No. of Appeared : 54
Passed : 47
Pass Percentage : 87.03
Roll No. Name Marks Division
1202BC061 Christopher Lalrinsanga 1003 Second
1202BC062 C. Lalnunpuia 1063 Second
Govt. Aizawl College
Bachelor of Commerce
Govt. Aizawl College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Marks Division
1202BC063 Edward Lalditsak 1195 Second
1202BC064 Emanuel Lalthanmawia 1016 Second
1202BC066 H. Baranta Lal Chakma 1369 First
1202BC067 H. Lalthlamuanpuia 1259 First
1202BC068 Isaac Lallawmzuala 1169 Second
1202BC069 Jacob Lalrinawma Tlau 1327 First
1202BC070 Jessie Lalremruatpuia 980 Pass
1202BC071 Johan Lalrinfela Ngente 1036 Second
1202BC072 K. Beilaichho 1008 Second
1202BC074 K. Lalremruata 1114 Second
1202BC075 K. Malsawmtluanga 1022 Second
1202BC076 Lalbiakkunga 1093 Second
1202BC077 Lalchhanchhuaha 1254 First
1202BC078 Lalhmangaihropuia Langel 1143 Second
1202BC081 Lalramluahpuia 1184 Second
1202BC082 Lalremtluanga 1078 Second
1202BC083 Laltanpuia 1070 Second
1202BC086 Lorrain Lalrinawma 1046 Second
1202BC087 Nicky Lalhmingsanga 1091 Second
1202BC088 Remsangzuala 1122 Second
1202BC089 Richard Malsawmtluanga Sathing 1081 Second
1202BC090 R. Vanlalvena 1067 Second
1202BC091 Robert K. Lalhmingmuana 1037 Second
1202BC093 Tluanglianthanga 1177 Second
1202BC094 V.T. Hneiki 1256 First
1202BC095 C. Lalhlimpuii 1058 Second
1202BC097 Darthanzami 1153 Second
1202BC098 Esther Lalchhuanzuali 1124 Second
1202BC099 Gospel Lalhriatpuii 1189 Second
1202BC100 Gospel Lalthlengliani 1126 Second
1202BC101 H. Lalnunpuii 1135 Second
1202BC103 Julie Lalawmpuii 1318 First
Govt. Aizawl College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Marks Division
1202BC104 Khawllianmawii 1213 First
1202BC105 Laizampuii 1186 Second
1202BC106 Lallawmkimi 1051 Second
1202BC108 Lallawmzuali 1046 Second
1202BC109 Lalsupuii Tochhawng 1213 First
1202BC110 Lalthasangi 1054 Second
1202BC111 Mariana Lalmuansangi 1049 Second
1202BC112 Mimi Lalhmingmawii 1086 Second
1202BC113 Ngurthansangi Pachuau 1123 Second
1202BC114 R. Lalnunfeli 1040 Second
1202BC116 V. Lalvenhimi 1269 First
1202BC117 Vannunkimi 1172 Second
1202BC118 Zomuanpuii Fanai 1195 Second
No of Candidates : 403
No. of Appeared : 400
Passed : 275
Pass Percentage : 68.75
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1203BA363 B. Lalruatdiki English 720 First
1203BA365 C.H. Lalrempuii English 762 First
1203BA367 Catherine Lalhmingmawii English 675 Second
1203BA368 Irene M.S. Tluangi English 709 Second
1203BA369 Jane Mary Joseph English 876 First
1203BA371 Josephine Ramdinmawii Zote English 677 Second
1203BA372 Julie Lalremruatpuii English 722 First
1203BA378 Lalmalsawmi English 755 First
1203BA379 Lalmuanawmi Sailo English 762 First
1203BA381 Lalremruati English 826 First
1203BA382 Lalrinchhani Ralte English 708 Second
Govt. Aizawl College
Bachelor of Arts
Govt. Hrangbana College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1203BA383 Lalruatfeli English 763 First
1203BA392 Rebek Lalmuanawmi English 697 Second
1203BA394 Rodingliani Hlondo English 685 Second
1203BA398 Ruth Lallawmsangi English 678 Second
1203BA399 Ruth V.L. Hmangaihi English 610 Second
1203BA400 Ruthi Zothanpuii English 622 Second
1203BA403 Vanlalhriatkimi English 636 Second
1203BA404 Vanlalhruaizeli Chawngthu English 714 Second
1203BA406 Zothanpuii English 701 Second
1203BA407 B. Lalhriatpuia English 646 Second
1203BA410 John Lalremmawia English 732 First
1203BA412 Lalrempuia Hnamte English 713 Second
1203BA415 Lalzuiliana Political Science 707 Second
1203BA416 Malsawmkima Mualchin English 678 Second
1203BA422 Agnes Zomuanpuii Renthlei Economics 832 First
1203BA425 C. Vanlallawmkimi Economics 667 Second
1203BA426 Gospel Darremsangi Economics 668 Second
1203BA427 Hmingchungnungi Fanai Economics 605 Second
1203BA430 Lalhriatmawii Sailo Economics 669 Second
1203BA431 Lalmuankimi Economics 805 First
1203BA434 Lalpekhlui Economics 650 Second
1203BA435 Lalremsiami Economics 641 Second
1203BA436 Lalrinfeli Economics 685 Second
1203BA441 Vanlalnunmawii Rokhum Economics 623 Second
1203BA442 Vohbik Lily Economics 735 First
1203BA444 B. Vanlallawmzuala Political Science 768 First
1203BA447 Deepak Chanda Economics 656 Second
1203BA448 H. Thangmalsawma Economics 659 Second
1203BA449 H. Tlangmuankima Mizo 887 First
1203BA450 H.V. Lalruatsaka Economics 710 Second
1203BA452 K. Lalmuanpuia Economics 658 Second
1203BA453 K. Lalnunhlima Economics 720 First
1203BA455 K. Nengzakhuma Economics 768 First
1203BA457 Lalhriatrenga Economics 703 Second
1203BA459 Lalpiangthanga Economics 714 Second
1203BA462 Lalrinfela Kawlni Economics 601 Second
Govt. Hrangbana College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1203BA464 Lalsanglura Economics 610 Second
1203BA466 Malsawmtluanga Economics 605 Second
1203BA467 Mangala Chakma Economics 652 Second
1203BA468 Mark Vanhmingmawia Dixon Mason Economics 760 First
1203BA470 Ramdinsanga Economics 656 Second
1203BA473 R. Lalfakzuala Economics 851 First
1203BA474 R. Lalrinmawia Economics 818 First
1203BA477 Thangkhankuala Economics 558 Pass
1203BA478 Vanlalhruaitluanga Economics 720 First
1203BA479 Angela Ramnghahmawii History 805 First
1203BA481 Elvi Lalduhsaki Education 668 Second
1203BA484 F. Lalhriatpuii Public Administration 834 First
1203BA486 K. Lalhruaipuii Education 714 Second
1203BA487 K. Lalremsangpuii Education 662 Second
1203BA488 Lalawmawii Education 802 First
1203BA490 Laldinmawii Education 704 Second
1203BA491 Lalhmachhuani Mizo 828 First
1203BA492 Lalhmangaihzuali Education 715 Second
1203BA493 Lalhmunmawii Mizo 802 First
1203BA495 Lallawmsiami Mizo 891 First
1203BA502 Lalramngaii Education 770 First
1203BA507 L. Sangzuali Public Administration 681 Second
1203BA509 Mary Thangtei Public Administration 679 Second
1203BA511 Rampanmawii Hmar Education 649 Second
1203BA513 Ruth Lalawmpuii Education 693 Second
1203BA514 Ruth Lalhmingmawii Education 697 Second
1203BA515 Zodinsangi History 804 First
1203BA518 C. Malsawmdawngkima Education 655 Second
1203BA520 Isak Lalrinzuala Public Administration 713 Second
1203BA522 Laldawngzela Mizo 780 First
1203BA523 Lalhmangaihzuala Public Administration 804 First
1203BA524 Lalhmunmawia Public Administration 691 Second
1203BA526 Lalrinfela Education 648 Second
1203BA528 Ricky Zohmingliana Mizo 883 First
1203BA530 Cindy Zohmingsangi History 704 Second
1203BA532 Elizabeth Zodini Geography 691 Second
Govt. Hrangbana College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1203BA533 Esther Lalmuanpuii Geography 714 Second
1203BA534 Eunik Lalremruati History 740 First
1203BA539 K. Biaksangpuii Geography 670 Second
1203BA542 Lalbiakzuali Geography 720 First
1203BA543 Lallawmawmi Geography 693 Second
1203BA545 Lalrinmawii Geography 754 First
1203BA547 Malsawmkimi Geography 764 First
1203BA551 Vanlalhriatrengi Geography 800 First
1203BA552 Vanlalhruaii History 732 First
1203BA554 Vanlalruatkimi Geography 699 Second
1203BA555 Vanmalsawmi Geography 720 First
1203BA560 C. Siamhmingthanga Geography 828 First
1203BA565 F. Zodinsanga Geography 771 First
1203BA571 H. Malsawmkima History 835 First
1203BA573 Innocent Lalnunenga Geography 707 Second
1203BA578 Lalengsanga Khiangte Geography 693 Second
1203BA579 Lalhmangaihzela Geography 856 First
1203BA583 Lalngaihawma Geography 677 Second
1203BA586 Lalruatfela Geography 653 Second
1203BA588 Laltlanmawia Geography 782 First
1203BA589 Malsawmdawngzuala Geography 808 First
1203BA590 Michael Hmingthanzuala Geography 704 Second
1203BA592 Ramdintluanga Khiangte Geography 827 First
1203BA602 Vanlalduata Geography 798 First
1203BA603 Vanlalropuia History 822 First
1203BA605 C. Zarzokimi History 722 First
1203BA609 Lalbiaknii History 673 Second
1203BA610 Lalduhsaki History 745 First
1203BA611 Lalenpuii History 799 First
1203BA617 Marina Lalremruati History 759 First
1203BA618 Mary Lalduhkimi History 759 First
1203BA620 P.C. Lalenpuii History 790 First
1203BA621 Rebek Lalhmingmawii History 673 Second
1203BA622 R.K. Lalzarliani History 777 First
1203BA623 Rosie Laldinzuali History 690 Second
1203BA625 Vanlalhriati Hnamte History 576 Pass
Govt. Hrangbana College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1203BA627 Vanlalrinhlui History 715 Second
1203BA628 Vanlalruatpuii History 852 First
1203BA629 Zothantluangi History 823 First
1203BA631 C. Lalrampanzela History 824 First
1203BA635 F. Lalrodinga History 721 First
1203BA636 Freddie Changsan History 622 Second
1203BA642 Johnson Lalthangmawia History 678 Second
1203BA643 Johny Lalnunpuia History 797 First
1203BA645 K. Lallawmsanga History 864 First
1203BA651 Lalrambeiseia History 898 First
1203BA652 Lalramchhana Pachuau History 720 First
1203BA656 Lalthahluana History 809 First
1203BA659 Nicky Lalnunsanga Renthlei History 871 First
1203BA660 P.C. Lalrinawma History 706 Second
1203BA667 Samuel Lalhmingsanga History 888 First
1203BA671 Zonunsanga History 625 Second
1203BA672 Baby C. Lalramhluni Mizo 779 First
1203BA674 C. Lalrammuani Mizo 743 First
1203BA675 C. Lalrinnungi Mizo 770 First
1203BA680 K. Hmingthantluangi Mizo 803 First
1203BA681 K. Lalrinzuali Mizo 630 Second
1203BA682 Lalbiakhlui Mizo 824 First
1203BA684 Lalduhsaki Mizo 860 First
1203BA685 Lalduhawmi Mizo 841 First
1203BA686 Lalhlunsangi Mizo 773 First
1203BA692 Lalramdinmawii Mizo 799 First
1203BA693 Lalramengmawii Mizo 761 First
1203BA694 Lalrammawii Sailo Mizo 807 First
1203BA698 Lalrindiki Mizo 783 First
1203BA701 Lalruatdiki Mizo 814 First
1203BA704 Malsawmsangi Mizo 803 First
1203BA706 Mary G. Chanchinmawii Chenkual Mizo 731 First
1203BA709 Ngurhmingthangi Public Administration 688 Second
1203BA710 P.C. Lallawmzuali Mizo 842 First
1203BA712 Ramchangliani Mizo 785 First
1203BA713 R.C. Lalrinhlui Mizo 685 Second
Govt. Hrangbana College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1203BA714 R. Remlalnghaki Mizo 702 Second
1203BA715 Vanlalchhani Public Administration 638 Second
1203BA717 Vanzampuii Vanchawng Mizo 746 First
1203BA719 Zolawmsiami Mizo 748 First
1203BA720 Zothanpari Mizo 768 First
1203BA731 K. Lalmuanawma Mizo 799 First
1203BA737 Lalmuanhlua Mizo 747 First
1203BA743 Lalrinngheta Mizo 823 First
1203BA749 Lalzathanga Psychology 736 First
1203BA751 Omega Vanlalduata Mizo 784 First
1203BA757 S. Mangsianmunga Public Administration 673 Second
1203BA758 T. Zathanglura Mizo 748 First
1203BA760 V.L. Biakzuala Mizo 720 First
1203BA762 Zonuntluanga Mizo 656 Second
1203BA764 Angela Lalhmingsangi Public Administration 726 First
1203BA765 Babie Laldinzuali Public Administration 649 Second
1203BA766 Brenda Zorinpuii Public Administration 583 Pass
1203BA768 Esther Lalnunfeli Public Administration 837 First
1203BA769 Esther Lalrindiki Public Administration 715 Second
1203BA770 Esther Zomuanpuii Public Administration 604 Second
1203BA772 Hmingthansangi Public Administration 669 Second
1203BA774 Lalbiaknii Public Administration 707 Second
1203BA775 Lalduhawmi Public Administration 755 First
1203BA777 Lalengzami Kawlni Public Administration 772 First
1203BA778 Lalhminghlui Public Administration 621 Second
1203BA780 Lalremruati Public Administration 677 Second
1203BA781 Lalruatfeli Public Administration 632 Second
1203BA782 Lalsangliani Public Administration 687 Second
1203BA783 Lalthakimi Ralte Public Administration 602 Second
1203BA788 Malsawmdawngzeli Public Administration 593 Pass
1203BA789 Melody Lalnuntluangi Public Administration 677 Second
1203BA791 R. Laltlanthianghlimi Public Administration 699 Second
1203BA796 Dennis Lalmuanpuia Public Administration 665 Second
1203BA807 Lalhriatzela Mizo 814 First
1203BA810 Lalmihriata Public Administration 643 Second
1203BA813 Lalrinsiama Public Administration 713 Second
Govt. Hrangbana College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1203BA814 Lalruatfela Public Administration 562 Pass
1203BA817 Lalsailova Mizo 821 First
1203BA820 Lawmthangpuia Public Administration 763 First
1203BA823 P.C. Lalruatfela Public Administration 594 Pass
1203BA825 Rohmingthanga Public Administration 730 First
1203BA826 Rohmingthanga Public Administration 602 Second
1203BA831 Vanlalhmuaka Public Administration 739 First
1203BA833 Vanlalruata Tochhawng Public Administration 708 Second
1203BA834 Vanlalsawma Public Administration 514 Pass
1203BA835 Zairemthanga Public Administration 605 Second
1203BA840 B. Tlangmawii Varte Mizo 774 First
1203BA841 C. Laldinsangi History 864 First
1203BA842 C. Lalhriatzuali History 839 First
1203BA844 C. Vanlalduati History 668 Second
1203BA845 Gospel Lalawmpuii History 664 Second
1203BA846 Jenifer Lalduhawmi Political Science 681 Second
1203BA848 K. Lalhruaikimi Political Science 794 First
1203BA849 K. Lalrinhlui Political Science 691 Second
1203BA850 Lalbiaksangi Political Science 609 Second
1203BA851 Laldawngliani History 789 First
1203BA855 Lallianpuii History 761 First
1203BA858 Lalrawnzeli History 829 First
1203BA860 Lalremtluangi Political Science 693 Second
1203BA862 Linda Lalengzuali Political Science 708 Second
1203BA864 Mary Zothlamuani Political Science 884 First
1203BA867 P.C. Lalnunfeli Political Science 807 First
1203BA872 R. Lalrinpuii Political Science 841 First
1203BA874 Ruthi Hmingchungnungi Political Science 847 First
1203BA881 Zomuanpuii Political Science 809 First
1203BA885 C. Lalchhandama Political Science 751 First
1203BA886 C. Lalhmangaihzuala Political Science 782 First
1203BA889 Danny Zothanpuia Political Science 774 First
1203BA890 F. Lalruatfela Political Science 707 Second
1203BA891 Jacob Malsawmzela Political Science 767 First
1203BA893 Jeremi Lalrintluanga Political Science 653 Second
1203BA897 Johny Lalrinchhana Political Science 788 First
Govt. Hrangbana College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1203BA899 Jony M.S. Zela Political Science 631 Second
1203BA902 K. Vanlalngaizuala Political Science 747 First
1203BA905 Lalhmangaiha History 833 First
1203BA906 Lallawmsanga Chhangte Political Science 601 Second
1203BA908 Lalnunhlua Ralte Political Science 687 Second
1203BA910 Lalramensanga Political Science 631 Second
1203BA912 Lalrokima Political Science 725 First
1203BA914 Lalthankhuma Political Science 796 First
1203BA916 Lalzirliana Political Science 772 First
1203BA918 Mark Ramfangmawia Political Science 720 First
1203BA920 Moses R. Lalsangpuia Political Science 715 Second
1203BA921 P.C. Lalruatdika Political Science 720 First
1203BA922 Ramdinmawia Pautu Political Science 664 Second
1203BA924 Samuel Lalthlamuana Political Science 632 Second
1203BA928 Tommy Zarzoliana History 781 First
1203BA929 Vanlalvena Political Science 852 First
1203BA930 V. Biakthanpuia Political Science 778 First
1203BA931 Zodinsanga Political Science 701 Second
1203BA933 Grace Chawngsangpuii Ralte Psychology 736 First
1203BA935 H. Lalnunmawii Psychology 825 First
1203BA936 Jessica Lalfakzuali Psychology 656 Second
1203BA937 K. Lalnunhlimi Psychology 751 First
1203BA939 Kristina Lalhmangaihzuali Psychology 654 Second
1203BA940 Lalhminghlui Sailo Psychology 686 Second
1203BA941 Lalhriatkimi Psychology 694 Second
1203BA942 Lallawmawmi Psychology 732 First
1203BA943 Lalmuanpuii Psychology 648 Second
1203BA944 Lalnunpuii Psychology 575 Pass
1203BA945 Lalrammuankimi Psychology 668 Second
1203BA947 Lalruatkimi Psychology 644 Second
1203BA950 Maria V. Romawii Psychology 692 Second
1203BA951 Merilyn Lalramthari Psychology 635 Second
1203BA953 Nuhliri Chhangte Psychology 855 First
1203BA955 Ramthianghlimi Education 801 First
1203BA956 Rohmingthangi Ralte Psychology 635 Second
1203BA958 Sabina Malsawmthangi Psychology 722 First
Govt. Hrangbana College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1203BA960 B.S. Vanlalvena Psychology 799 First
1203BA962 C. Lalramthara Psychology 748 First
1203BA963 F. Lalrinfela Psychology 651 Second
1203BA964 Lalduhawma Zote Mizo 756 First
1203BA965 Lalhriatpuia Ralte Psychology 729 First
1203BA967 Lalremruata Psychology 715 Second
1203BA969 Lalrinchungnunga Education 687 Second
1203BA970 Lalruatfela Psychology 841 First
1203BA971 Lalruatfela Ralte Psychology 727 First
1203BA973 Rozampuia Psychology 676 Second
1203BA974 Vanlalremtluanga Sailo Psychology 736 First
1203BA979 K. Lalnunmawii Political Science 571 Pass
No. of Candidates : 79
No. of Appeared : 79
Passed : 62
Pass Percentage : 78.48
Roll No. Name Marks Division
1203BC094 Biakkhensangi 1048 Second
1203BC095 B. Lalremruatfeli 1175 Second
1203BC097 C. Lalhruaipuii 1253 First
1203BC099 C. Laltlanchhungi 1073 Second
1203BC100 C. Ramdinmawii 1027 Second
1203BC101 C. Vanlalawmpuii 1008 Second
1203BC102 Caroline T. Vanlalhlimpuii 1088 Second
1203BC104 H. Ramdinpuii 1117 Second
1203BC105 H. Zorinpuii 942 Pass
1203BC107 K. Bijita Devi 1484 First
1203BC109 K. Lalrinmawii 1306 First
1203BC110 Lalchawimawii 1058 Second
1203BC111 Lalchhanhimi 1082 Second
Govt. Hrangbana College
Bachelor of Commerce
Govt. Hrangbana College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Marks Division
1203BC114 Lalhmingchhuani 1042 Second
1203BC115 Lalhriatpuii 1447 First
1203BC116 Lalhriatpuii Hnamte 1040 Second
1203BC117 Lalkrosmawii 1135 Second
1203BC119 Lalmuanpuii 1350 First
1203BC120 Lalmuansangi 1420 First
1203BC121 Lalngaihawmi Chhakchhuak 1336 First
1203BC122 Lalnundangi 949 Pass
1203BC123 Lalnundiki 1170 Second
1203BC124 Lalnunfeli 1219 First
1203BC125 Lalnunpuii 1123 Second
1203BC126 Lalrammawii 1280 First
1203BC128 Laurie Lalnunkimi 1129 Second
1203BC130 Malsawmtluangi 1124 Second
1203BC131 Naomi Biakzuali 1417 First
1203BC132 Natasha Lalchhanchhuahi Fanai 1230 First
1203BC133 R. Lalhlimpuii 1059 Second
1203BC134 R. Lalnunthari 1139 Second
1203BC136 R. Vanlalfaki 1105 Second
1203BC138 Ruthi Lalhmangaihsangi 1113 Second
1203BC139 Ruthi Lalhruaitluangi 1082 Second
1203BC143 T. Malsawmtluangi 1277 First
1203BC144 Tlangthanmawii 1144 Second
1203BC145 Vanlalsawmi Chawngthu 1169 Second
1203BC146 Vanrengpuii 1237 First
1203BC147 Zairemmawii 1205 First
1203BC148 Zomuanpuii 1200 First
1203BC150 Zotluangpuii 966 Pass
1203BC152 B. Lalthlensanga 986 Pass
1203BC153 Bimal Bikash Chakma 1099 Second
1203BC156 David Lalawmpuia 1193 Second
1203BC158 H. Lalhruaituanga 1073 Second
1203BC160 H.S. Lalramchhana 1254 First
1203BC162 J. Lalremkima Khiangte 1299 First
1203BC163 J. Zoramsangkima 1215 First
1203BC165 K. Lalchhuangliana 1103 Second
Govt. Hrangbana College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Marks Division
1203BC166 K. Lalramnghaka 1297 First
1203BC167 Lalawmpuia 1010 Second
1203BC171 Lalrammawia 1130 Second
1203BC173 Lalrohlua 1029 Second
1203BC174 Lalrokunga 1060 Second
1203BC178 Laltlansanga 972 Pass
1203BC179 M.C. Lalruatfela 1292 First
1203BC180 Malsawmsanga 1237 First
1203BC182 P.C. Lalramchuanzela 1222 First
1203BC186 Salem Lalawmpuia 1027 Second
1203BC187 T.B.C. Lalzarzova 1001 Second
1203BC192 Victor Zohmingsanga 1067 Second
1223BC047 S.T. Malsawmzuali 1286 First
No. of Candidates : 187
No. of Appeared : 185
Passed : 111
Pass Percentage : 60.00
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1204BA310 Ananda Bikash Chakma English 699 Second
1204BA314 Rody Lalnunsiama English 657 Second
1204BA318 Lalmuanpuii English 576 Pass
1204BA320 J. Lalremruata English 743 First
1204BA321 Ramthanzuali English 645 Second
1204BA326 Marina Lalhruaizeli English 644 Second
1204BA329 B. Lalrohlua Political Science 674 Second
1204BA332 JH. Ngunzasangchema English 600 Second
1204BA333 Lalchhanchhuahi English 652 Second
1204BA334 K. Zodinliana English 600 Second
1204BA337 B. Chungliansiama Economics 583 Pass
1204BA343 Malsawmnienga Sociology 733 First
1204BA347 Judy Zonunsangi Economics 551 Pass
Govt. Hrangbana College
Bachelor of Arts
Govt. T. Romana College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1204BA351 Lalchhuanawma Economics 585 Pass
1204BA353 Lalnunthanzela Mizo 635 Second
1204BA354 F. Lalrosiama Sociology 608 Second
1204BA361 R. Lalbiaknungi Education 686 Second
1204BA362 M.S.B. Zainarung Education 754 First
1204BA365 Jenet Vanlaldingpuii Education 803 First
1204BA367 R. Lalrammawii Education 657 Second
1204BA368 Venus Rotawmpuii Education 633 Second
1204BA369 Lalhruaitluangi Mizo 678 Second
1204BA371 Laltlanzovi Sociology 754 First
1204BA372 Laltanpuii Ralte Education 650 Second
1204BA374 C. Zotanpuii Education 670 Second
1204BA377 Runremsangi Education 667 Second
1204BA380 Lalchawngliani Sociology 708 Second
1204BA383 V.L. Hmingthansangi Education 672 Second
1204BA387 Ramengmawia Mizo 672 Second
1204BA388 L. Lalthathangi Mizo 694 Second
1204BA403 H. Lalrinhlui History 703 Second
1204BA413 Lalremruati History 632 Second
1204BA415 Lalnunzami History 659 Second
1204BA416 Lallawmzuala History 629 Second
1204BA417 Lalbiakhluna History 712 Second
1204BA419 Lalthanpari History 606 Second
1204BA422 Nuomzathang Hmar History 783 First
1204BA428 B. Lalliansiama History 623 Second
1204BA430 K. Zonunmawia History 715 Second
1204BA432 Lalnunngheta Mizo 697 Second
1204BA436 P.C. Lalhmangaiha History 740 First
1204BA437 Vanrohlui History 652 Second
1204BA439 C. Laltlanthanga History 725 First
1204BA443 Lalremruata Fanai Mizo 708 Second
1204BA446 H. Vanawmawii Political Science 735 First
1204BA450 Malsawmzuali Sociology 781 First
1204BA451 Lalrinsangi Mizo 703 Second
1204BA452 Mary Lalruatpuii Mizo 720 First
1204BA453 F. Vannunsanga Public Administration 550 Pass
Govt. T. Romana College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1204BA454 Lalbiakdiki Mizo 731 First
1204BA455 Ramthianghlimi Mizo 684 Second
1204BA456 T. Lalhmingmawii Mizo 709 Second
1204BA460 F. Zothanpuii Education 629 Second
1204BA461 P.B. Lalbiakkimi Mizo 732 First
1204BA462 M.C. Lalnunpuii Sociology 607 Second
1204BA476 Rosangpuia Mizo 657 Second
1204BA481 Zaithanmawia Mizo 682 Second
1204BA482 F. Lalchanchinmawii Mizo 790 First
1204BA487 R. Lalhriatkimi Sociology 612 Second
1204BA490 Lalramsiami Public Administration 642 Second
1204BA493 Ramnghinglova Public Administration 641 Second
1204BA495 Zothankimi Sailo Public Administration 600 Second
1204BA497 Gospel Lawmpuii Public Administration 619 Second
1204BA498 R. Rosiamliani Sociology 664 Second
1204BA499 Linda Malsawmtluangi Public Administration 595 Pass
1204BA503 Lalhmangaihzuali Public Administration 550 Pass
1204BA508 Laltlanchhuaha Public Administration 600 Second
1204BA509 Lalduhkimi Public Administration 664 Second
1204BA511 Laldinmawia Pautu Public Administration 602 Second
1204BA514 F. Laltlankimi Public Administration 662 Second
1204BA515 J.H. Lalhuansiama Sociology 724 First
1204BA517 H. Remlalhmuaka Public Administration 595 Pass
1204BA519 Vanlalhmangaihi Sailo Public Administration 657 Second
1204BA523 Zoramsangliana Khiangte Public Administration 606 Second
1204BA524 P. Chhuankima Mizo 686 Second
1204BA526 Chuauthansangi Political Science 658 Second
1204BA527 Melory Lallunghnemi Political Science 645 Second
1204BA528 Duhhawisungi Political Science 663 Second
1204BA529 Biaksangpuii Mizo 691 Second
1204BA536 Lalremsanga Political Science 691 Second
1204BA537 Malsawmtluangi Political Science 607 Second
1204BA539 Lalruatkima Vanchhawng Political Science 622 Second
1204BA540 Isaak Zothantluanga Ralte Political Science 811 First
1204BA541 J. Lalthantluangi Sociology 698 Second
1204Ba542 Lalngaihawmi Ralte Political Science 593 Pass
Govt. T. Romana College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1204BA546 Lalmuanawma Political Science 584 Pass
1204BA553 Lalrothari Political Science 676 Second
1204BA554 Andrew Vanneihtluanga Mizo 668 Second
1204BA555 Nancy Lalrindiki Political Science 661 Second
1204BA556 David Vanlalnunsanga Political Science 602 Second
1204BA557 Christy T. Lalramthangi Political Science 614 Second
1204BA559 Zirsangzeli Education 671 Second
1204BA564 Vanramnghaki Political Science 670 Second
1204BA567 Kiddy Lalhuthangi History 842 First
1204BA568 Remlalmuana Sociology 605 Second
1204BA569 Ramngaihawmi Sociology 757 First
1204BA570 Jessica Lalramnghaki Sociology 685 Second
1204BA574 Lalpianmawii Sociology 625 Second
1204BA577 Ramneihsangi Sociology 732 First
1204BA580 Lalthamawia Sociology 748 First
1204BA581 Vanlalduhawmi Sociology 661 Second
1204BA582 David Rosangvunga Sociology 645 Second
1204BA588 Lalsawmliani Sociology 678 Second
1204BA589 Lallawmzuali Hnamte Sociology 619 Second
1204BA590 T. Lalkhawngaihsanga Sociology 634 Second
1204BA593 Gospel Lalramdina Sociology 608 Second
1204BA595 Rebecca Lalchhuanawmi Sociology 723 First
1204BA598 Helen Lalramthari Sociology 779 First
1204BA599 Lalthakimi Sociology 740 First
1204BA600 C. Malsawmkimi Sociology 858 First
1204BA601 Lalthanpuii Sociology 644 Second
No of Candidates : 196
No. of Appeared : 194
Passed : 124
Pass Percentage : 63.91
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1205BA278 Evelyn Lallawmi Economics 617 Second
Bachelor of Arts
Govt. T. Romana College
Govt. Aizawl North College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1205BA279 Lalbiakzuali Economics 592 Pass
1205BA280 Lalchhuangliana Economics 579 Pass
1205BA281 Lalchhuanmawii Economics 638 Second
1205BA284 Lallawmzela Economics 542 Pass
1205BA288 Lalrosangpuii Economics 617 Second
1205BA291 Malsawmhlui Economics 762 First
1205BA292 Michael Rorelkima Economics 731 First
1205BA296 Rosangliana Economics 696 Second
1205BA298 S. Vanlalenkawli Economics 547 Pass
1205BA301 Vanlalfakmawii Economics 695 Second
1205BA302 Vanlalhmangaihzuali Economics 630 Second
1205BA303 Vanlalhriatpuii Economics 648 Second
1205BA310 F. Zomuanpuii Education 647 Second
1205BA311 Galilly Thangi Education 635 Second
1205BA314 H. Rebecca V.L. Ruatsangi Education 703 Second
1205BA315 Hmangaihsangzuali Education 670 Second
1205BA320 Lalbiakhlui Education 751 First
1205BA322 Lalherliana Education 637 Second
1205BA324 Lalhmingthari Education 633 Second
1205BA325 Lalmawizuali History 736 First
1205BA326 Lalnunfeli Mizo 822 First
1205BA328 Lalnunsanga History 747 First
1205BA329 Lalnunsiami Education 763 First
1205BA330 Lalramngaihawmi Education 710 Second
1205BA333 Lalrindika Political Science 602 Second
1205BA334 Lalrinsangi Education 667 Second
1205BA335 Lalrochhari Education 631 Second
1205BA337 Marilyn V. Rohlupuii Education 645 Second
1205BA338 P.C. Vanlalrinpuia Education 642 Second
1205BA342 Rohmingmawii History 727 First
1205BA344 Vanzampuii Education 629 Second
1205BA345 Zonunsangi Khawlhring Education 652 Second
1205BA346 Zosangmawii History 755 First
1205BA351 Esther Ramfangzaui English 827 First
1205BA354 Isaac Lalhruaitluanga English 622 Second
1205BA369 Lalramchuailovi English 652 Second
Govt. Aizawl North College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1205BA375 R. Lalnunzira English 649 Second
1205BA378 V.L. Biaksanga Political Science 609 Second
1205BA380 Vanneihpuii English 741 First
1205BA381 Whitney Lalruatmawii English 642 Second
1205BA382 Angelus Vansangkima History 587 Pass
1205BA383 B. Lalhriatpuia History 589 Pass
1205BA385 C. Lalhmingsanga History 619 Second
1205BA391 David Lalrempuia History 549 Pass
1205BA392 Esther Rodingliani History 619 Second
1205BA394 H.K. Lalhmangaihzuala History 754 First
1205BA396 Jonathan Lalremruata History 575 Pass
1205BA401 Lalmesaia History 658 Second
1205BA402 Lalnuntharmawia History 687 Second
1205BA405 Lalvenhima History 670 Second
1205BA407 R. Lalnunthara Mizo 789 First
1205BA408 R. Lalrinzuali History 727 First
1205BA410 Ramluahpuia History 621 Second
1205BA411 Rosie Lalrinmuanpuii History 658 Second
1205BA412 Ruthi Vanlalenkawli History 690 Second
1205BA418 Zothanmawii History 619 Second
1205BA419 Baby Lalnunziri Mizo 761 First
1205BA420 Biakthantluangi Mizo 751 First
1205BA422 C. Lalmuansanga Mizo 849 First
1205BA426 F. Lalhmingmawii Mizo 811 First
1205BA428 H. Lalneihkima Mizo 754 First
1205BA429 H. Lalthianghlima Political Science 649 Second
1205BA430 John Lalremmawia Mizo 720 First
1205BA431 Judithy Ramdinsangi Mizo 753 First
1205BA432 K. Lalnunkimi Mizo 703 Second
1205BA434 K. Lalrinpuii Mizo 755 First
1205BA435 K. Zothansangi Mizo 794 First
1205BA437 Laldinpuii Mizo 754 First
1205BA440 Lalngilneii Mizo 779 First
1205BA441 Lalnunhlimi Mizo 832 First
1205BA444 Lalramdinfela Geography 607 Second
1205BA446 Lalremsiami Mizo 737 First
Govt. Aizawl North College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1205BA447 Lalrinmuani Mizo 723 First
1205BA452 Lalthanzuala Mizo 731 First
1205BA453 Lilipuii Economics 706 Second
1205BA454 Malsawmdawngkimi Mizo 776 First
1205BA456 R. Lalnunfeli Mizo 687 Second
1205BA457 R. Lalramhlui Mizo 772 First
1205BA458 R. Lalrinthari Mizo 696 Second
1205BA469 C. Lalhlimpuia Geography 779 First
1205BA471 C. Lalnuntlana Political Science 613 Second
1205BA472 F. Lawmsangzuala Political Science 689 Second
1205BA473 F. Lalengkimi Political Science 650 Second
1205BA474 F. Lalramhmuaka Political Science 602 Second
1205BA475 Gospel Huntharmawii Political Science 600 Second
1205BA476 H. Lalhriatpuii Mizo 697 Second
1205BA477 H. Lalrinawma Mizo 707 Second
1205BA478 Joseph Lalzahawma Political Science 727 First
1205BA479 T. Lalmuanpuia Political Science 812 First
1205BA487 Lalhmangaihzuala Political Science 691 Second
1205BA488 Lalnunkima Political Science 703 Second
1205BA492 Lalremliana Political Science 647 Second
1205BA493 Lalremsanga Zote Political Science 632 Second
1205BA495 Laltlannungi Political Science 652 Second
1205BA497 P.C. Lalmuanpuii Political Science 791 First
1205BA498 Pradeep Chhetri Political Science 840 First
1205BA499 R. Lalhlimpuii Mizo 785 First
1205BA502 Vanlalhriatpuii Political Science 706 Second
1205BA505 Zawlthangpuia Political Science 631 Second
1205BA506 Zodinpuia Political Science 585 Pass
1205BA508 C. Lalrintluangi Geography 712 Second
1205BA509 C. Lalruatsanga Geography 653 Second
1205BA510 Carey Lalvensangi Geography 727 First
1205BA511 Carmel Hmingthansangi Geography 662 Second
1205BA512 Christy Lalnunpuii Geography 605 Second
1205BA514 Hmingthanzauva Geography 607 Second
1205BA517 K. Zonunmawii Geography 710 Second
1205BA518 Lalbiakliani Geography 667 Second
Govt. Aizawl North College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1205BA519 Lalchhanchhuaha Geography 654 Second
1205BA522 Lalfakmawii Geography 657 Second
1205BA523 Lalhriatkimi Geography 667 Second
1205BA524 Lalnunhlima Economics 698 Second
1205BA526 Lalremruati Geography 720 First
1205BA527 Lalrinchhani Geography 703 Second
1205BA528 Lalrinngheti Geography 700 Second
1205BA529 Lalropari Geography 683 Second
1205BA532 Lalthanpuia Geography 634 Second
1205BA538 R. Lalnunpuii Geography 622 Second
1205BA540 R.C. Lalchhanhimi Geography 624 Second
1205BA542 Ramnunmawii Geography 641 Second
1205BA543 Rebecca F. Laltlansangi Geography 612 Second
1205BA544 Rozawla Geography 586 Pass
1205BA548 Vanlalthanpuia Geography 664 Second
No. of Candidates : 161
No. of Appeared : 161
Passed : 73
Pass Percentage : 45.34
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1206BA231 Jessie Lalhruaitluanga English 638 Second
1206BA232 Lalhmangaihzuala English 685 Second
1206BA237 Lalbiakmawia English 802 First
1206BA239 Vanlalrinchhana English 570 Pass
1206BA240 L.H. Lalrinsanga English 804 First
1206BA243 Lalngaihzuali Political Science 831 First
1206BA248 Innocent Lalsangzuala Public Administration 642 Second
1206BA250 Karen Vanlalduhsaki English 796 First
1206BA251 Lalthasanga English 640 Second
1206BA261 F. Lalrampari Mizo 720 First
1206BA269 B. Lalrawngbawla Political Science 618 Second
Govt. Aizawl North College
Bachelor of Arts
Govt. Aizawl West College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1206BA270 Jeremia Lalromana Mizo 748 First
1206BA271 Lalremsangi Political Science 608 Second
1206BA275 Lalhmingchuanga Public Administration 654 Second
1206BA276 Lalthapuia Mizo 686 Second
1206BA279 J. Malsawmtluangi Mizo 730 First
1206BA280 Lalruatmawia Political Science 720 First
1206BA285 Runremmawia Public Administration 602 Second
1206BA287 Rebecca Lalramluahpuii History 639 Second
1206BA293 Lalnghakliani Mizo 676 Second
1206BA300 Lalbiaknia Colney Mizo 770 First
1206BA307 David Lalhminghlua History 654 Second
1206BA308 Vanlalhlana Education 743 First
1206BA316 Joseph Vanlalthlira Political Science 777 First
1206BA318 Zothanzama Political Science 710 Second
1206BA321 Jessy Lalparmawii Mizo 722 First
1206BA323 Khamsangliana Political Science 700 Second
1206BA327 Rynabei Bohia Political Science 692 Second
1206BA331 C. Lalthannguri Political Science 625 Second
1206BA335 Vanlalmuanpuii Political Science 656 Second
1206BA338 Lalrochhunga Political Science 655 Second
1206BA350 Lalchhanchhuaha Economics 646 Second
1206BA367 Lalhriatzuali Political Science 589 Pass
1206BA370 Ruthi Malsawmtluangi Psychology 779 First
1206BA371 Zaihmingthangi Education 725 First
1206BA373 Rohmingliani Education 668 Second
1206BA374 Gospel Lalhmingmawii Education 609 Second
1206BA377 Lalbiaknii Education 591 Pass
1206BA378 Lalhungchhungi Education 690 Second
1206BA381 H. Lalhlimpuii Education 673 Second
1206BA382 Lalmawizuali Education 641 Second
1206BA387 Lalhriatpuii Education 627 Second
1206BA390 Biakdingpuii Fanai Education 677 Second
1206BA393 Lalhmangaihzuali Education 675 Second
1206BA394 C. Ngurzikpuii Education 720 First
1206BA395 Hmingthanzuali Public Administration 680 Second
1206BA399 Lalhmingsangi Education 725 First
Govt. Aizawl West College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1206BA400 Ngurthanpuia Education 575 Pass
1206BA401 R. Lalthakimi Education 569 Pass
1206BA404 Vanlalhmangaihzuala Education 787 First
1206BA410 Lalngilneii Education 615 Second
1206BA421 Mayajul Ali Laskar Education 778 First
1206BA431 Lalremtluangi Psychology 669 Second
1206BA432 Jona Lalrindika Psychology 674 Second
1206BA434 H. Lalrindiki Psychology 829 First
1206BA437 B. Zothanmawia History 632 Second
1206BA444 Esther Lalmuanpuii Political Science 692 Second
1206BA447 Perazim H. Lalkulhmawia History 640 Second
1206BA452 Lalhriatrengi Ralte History 622 Second
1206BA460 Lucy Lalramhluni History 723 First
1206BA463 C. Obadia History 764 First
1206BA473 Hmangaihsanga Mizo 724 First
1206BA477 Zothansanga Mizo 722 First
1206BA480 H. Vanlalhriatpuia Public Administration 627 Second
1206BA486 Sadar Chakma Public Administration 621 Second
1206BA489 Lalchhanchhuahi Public Administration 667 Second
1206BA495 Lalfamkimi Public Administration 643 Second
1206BA510 Jonathan Lalngilneia Mizo 721 First
1206BA511 K. Lalfakawmi Public Administration 661 Second
1206BA512 Rody Lalsungpui Public Administration 654 Second
1206BA514 Baby Hmingthansangi Education 723 First
1206BA518 F. Ramhmunzauva Public Administration 627 Second
1206BA520 Zorammuanpuii Education 638 Second
Govt. Aizawl West College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
No. of Candidates : 90
No. of Appeared : 89
Passed : 57
Pass Percentage : 64.04
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1207BS095 Ephraime P.Beitotaothei Botany 781 First
1207BS096 Vanlalremruati Botany 822 First
1207BS098 Zoramchhani Botany 813 First
1207BS099 Meena Lalrinmawii Botany 825 First
1207BS100 Kt Belinda Botany 840 First
1207BS101 Lalsawmpuii Botany 771 First
1207BS102 Lalngilneii Botany 804 First
1207BS105 Vanlalawmpuia Botany 720 First
1207BS106 Lalnunhlui Botany 790 First
1207BS107 Lalhmangaihtluangi Botany 846 First
1207BS109 Melody C.Vanlalruati Botany 802 First
1207BS110 Lalremsangi Botany 786 First
1207BS115 Kapkhuma Tlumang Chemistry 774 First
1207BS116 Vanramduha Botany 833 First
1207BS117 James K. Laramnghaka Chemistry 793 First
1207BS118 Elisha V.L. Zahawma Chemistry 778 First
1207BS121 B. Vanlalbiaki Chemistry 787 First
1207BS131 Zarzokimi Botany 785 First
1207BS132 Lalensangi Zoology 750 First
1207BS133 K.Lalruatfeli Zoology 777 First
1207BS142 Laltlanhlui Botany 839 First
1207BS143 Vanlalngaihawmi Chemistry 890 First
1207BS144 K.Lalhmunsiami Zoology 882 First
1207BS145 Laldingpuii Zoology 887 First
1207BS146 R.Lalhmangaihi Zoology 756 First
1207BS147 Ramluahpuii Zoology 998 First
1207BS148 L.H. Lalremsanga Zoology 796 First
1207BS152 Jonathan Lalrinchhana Zoology 818 First
1207BS153 Angelina Lalngaihzuali Zoology 751 First
1207BS154 Lalremsiama Zoology 758 First
1207BS155 Rosangzuala Zoology 748 First
1207BS156 Lalremruata Zoology 809 First
Bachelor of Science
Govt. Zirtiri Residential Science College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1207BS159 Lalremtluangi Botany 813 First
1207BS162 Biakthansangi Botany 892 First
1207BS163 H. Lalrinhlui Zoology 891 First
1207BS166 Lalrinchhuangi. Zoology 861 First
1207BS167 Dorothy Lalrinpuii Botany 969 First
1207BS168 Annie Vanlalruati Zoology 988 First
1207BS169 Lalruatkima Zoology 776 First
1207BS170 B. Lalnghahpuii Zoology 1022 First
1207BS174 Joseph Lalrinawma Physics 751 First
1207BS176 J.B .Dickson Khaimeichho Physics 800 First
1207BS177 Lalchhandama Ralte Physics 746 First
1207BS182 R.T.C. Lalneihpuii Physics 861 First
1207BS183 J. Vanlalruati Physics 783 First
1207BS186 Pinky Rani Das Physics 844 First
1207BS187 J. Lalhmunsanga Chemistry 906 First
1207BS189 Deepa Dubey Physics 852 First
1207BS190 Lalrawngbawli Mathematics 750 First
1207BS192 Lalrohlupuii Vuite Chemistry 921 First
1207BS193 T. Zothansanga Mathematics 883 First
1207BS194 F. Lalnunmawia Chemistry 722 First
1207BS196 Grace Malsawmzuali Mathematics 843 First
1207BS197 Mohan Kumari Katwal Mathematics 920 First
1207BS200 Laltlanthangi Mathematics 797 First
1207BS201 Linda Vanzampuii Mathematics 739 First
1207BS203 C. Biaklawmthangi Mathematics 803 First
No. of Candidates : 19
No. of Appeared : 19
Passed : 5
Pass Percentage : 26.31
Roll No. Name Marks Division
1207BH029 Linda Lalhlimpuii 1481 First
1207BH031 Vansangpuii 1262 First
1207BH039 Lalduhawmi 1130 Second
1207BH041 Laltanpuii 1114 Second
1207BH045 T.H. Vanlaldawmi 1224 First
Govt. Zirtiri Residential Science College
Govt. Zirtiri Residential Science College
Bachelor of Science(Home Science)
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1208BA179 Ramduhsaki English 633 Second
1208BA181 C. Lalruatfeli English 644 Second
1208BA182 H. Lalropuia English 633 Second
1208BA183 K. Lalhmachhuani English 694 Second
1208BA184 Jacinta Rohlunpuii English 692 Second
1208BA188 Jennifer Lalchhuanmawii English 580 Pass
1208BA189 Samuel Lalrinawma English 654 Second
1208BA190 Meena Kumari English 662 Second
1208BA192 Lalmuanpuia English 573 Pass
1208BA193 C. Lalchhandami English 584 Pass
1208BA194 Lalduhawmi Varte English 617 Second
1208BA196 J.H. Lalnuntluangi Economics 747 First
1208BA198 Laldawngkima English 639 Second
1208BA199 H.L. Hmunsiama English 623 Second
1208BA201 Lalnunsangpuii Economics 665 Second
1208BA202 Shiv Raj Shahi Economics 689 Second
1208BA203 B. Lalhmingduhawmi Political Science 743 First
1208BA204 Ramropuii Economics 640 Second
1208BA206 K. Laldinpuii Economics 666 Second
1208BA207 Vanhmunmawii Economics 653 Second
1208BA211 R. Lalngaihawma Economics 633 Second
1208BA212 Roshan Joshi Economics 579 Pass
1208BA213 C. Jonathan Economics 641 Second
1208BA214 Lalfakawma Economics 802 First
1208BA215 V.L. Malsawmzuala Economics 560 Pass
1208BA216 R. Lalawmpuii Economics 626 Second
1208BA225 Zosangliani Mizo 670 Second
1208BA227 Malsawmdawngi Education 688 Second
1208BA234 Vanlalhmangaihthangi Education 607 Second
1208BA235 Lalngaihzuali Education 603 Second
Bachelor of Arts Sixth Semester (Regular 2012 Batch)
Govt. J. Thankima College
No. of Candidates : 175
No. of Appeared : 175
Pass : 113
Pass Percentage : 64.57
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1208BA236 C. Lalneihzaua Education 600 Second
1208BA238 Malsawmzuali Education 650 Second
1208BA240 H. Lalremruatpuii Education 589 Pass
1208BA241 Vanlalrinfeli Education 617 Second
1208BA242 Pinky Lalrinchhungi Education 601 Second
1208BA243 C. Lallawmkimi Education 600 Second
1208BA244 Laldawngliani Education 623 Second
1208BA245 Lalthangliana Political Science 610 Second
1208BA248 Lalmuanpuia Education 747 First
1208BA249 Malsawmtluangi Education 654 Second
1208BA250 R. Lalnunfeli Education 679 Second
1208BA252 Roremkimi Education 637 Second
1208BA253 Lalbiakdiki Hmar Education 635 Second
1208BA254 R. Lalrinkimi Education 613 Second
1208BA255 Lalrinawmi Education 600 Second
1208BA256 Ngaibiakluni Mizo 803 First
1208BA257 K. Lalsangzuali Education 678 Second
1208BA258 Lawmsangzuali Education 798 First
1208BA259 Lalchhanhimi Mizo 675 Second
1208BA260 Vanlalhmunsiami Sailo Political Science 603 Second
1208BA262 Chingbiakmawii Education 613 Second
1208BA264 Sanjana Jaishi English 594 Pass
1208BA268 Vanlalvulmawii Mizo 725 First
1208BA269 M. Lalnunmawii Education 772 First
1208BA271 R. Lalhriatpuii Education 746 First
1208BA272 Helen Lalduhsangi Education 676 Second
1208BA282 Jimmy Lalrinawma Education 535 Pass
1208BA283 C. Lalawmpuia Education 567 Pass
1208BA297 Lalbiakzuala Education 644 Second
1208BA298 R. Lalsiamkima Education 664 Second
1208BA300 Judy Zarzokimi Mizo 722 First
1208BA304 Lalngilneia Education 553 Pass
1208BA308 K. Lalchawimawia Education 603 Second
1208BA311 Sally Vansangpuii Education 585 Pass
1208BA314 Roluahpuii Education 551 Pass
1208BA316 Ramdinsanga Political Science 562 Pass
Govt. J. Thankima College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1208BA320 C. Lalrinsanga Political Science 649 Second
1208BA321 Shalina Nemngaihhluni Political Science 694 Second
1208BA322 Suipari Political Science 552 Pass
1208BA324 Biakchungnnunga Mizo 728 First
1208BA325 Gospel Chanchinmawia Ralte Education 610 Second
1208BA327 Laldinchhuahi Political Science 760 First
1208BA329 Lalpekkimi Mizo 737 First
1208BA330 H. Lalruatfela Education 712 Second
1208BA333 C. Lalmuanawma Political Science 666 Second
1208BA336 Nangsawmthanga Political Science 536 Pass
1208BA344 Esther Vanlaldiki Mizo 732 First
1208BA345 H.K. Lalhruaitluanga Political Science 751 First
1208BA346 Roslyn Lalhunthai Political Science 683 Second
1208BA352 Samson Lalfela Khawlhring Political Science 561 Pass
1208BA355 Elis Lalrinchhana Political Science 777 First
1208BA356 Lalramdinthara Political Science 714 Second
1208BA357 Joseph Ramthanzauva Political Science 780 First
1208BA361 Malsawmzuala Pachuau Political Science 595 Pass
1208BA365 C. Lalfakzuala Mizo 677 Second
1208BA366 Zothanpari Mizo 709 Second
1208BA368 Zosangzuali Political Science 570 Pass
1208BA369 Ramsangzeli Mizo 773 First
1208BA370 R. Lalnunrili Mizo 730 First
1208BA373 Vanlalremi Mizo 715 Second
1208BA378 Maria Lalzampuii Mizo 767 First
1208BA380 Lalenkawli Mizo 757 First
1208BA381 Florence Lalduhawmi Mizo 762 First
1208BA382 Lalremruati Mizo 771 First
1208BA386 Anthony Lalthiltitheia Mizo 761 First
1208BA387 Lalruatmawii Mizo 780 First
1208BA388 K. Lalnunmawii Mizo 731 First
1208BA389 Jonathan Lalrinsanga Mizo 743 First
1208BA396 S. Lalchhuanawma Mizo 768 First
1208BA398 R. Malsawmkima Mizo 768 First
1208BA399 A.C.V.L. Hruaitluanga Mizo 668 Second
1208BA408 Lalrinmawii Pautu History 622 Second
Govt. J. Thankima College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1208BA409 Lalngaihzuali History 694 Second
1208BA414 Lalruattluanga Mizo 668 Second
1208BA415 Lalrimawia Mizo 744 First
1208BA417 Lalthanzama Tlau Mizo 699 Second
1208BA419 Lalfakzuala History 628 Second
1208BA423 Zorammuana Political Science 600 Second
1208BA427 Lalramnghaki History 859 First
1208BA428 Lalsangpuii Renthlei History 682 Second
1208BA429 Linda Lalrintluangi History 791 First
1208BA432 Chuaudingliana Political Science 588 Pass
1208BA437 N. Beiduakhei Political Science 619 Second
No. of Candidates : 168
No. of Appeared : 165
Passed : 116
Pass Percentage : 70.30
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1209BA275 Lalawmpuia History 644 Second
1209BA278 Lalthakima Education 741 First
1209BA295 Lalramengi Ralte English 575 Pass
1209BA304 R. Lalrindiki Economics 740 First
1209BA306 Lalhmangaihi Education 679 Second
1209BA307 H. Lalmuankimi Education 588 Pass
1209BA310 Zoramdingngheta Mizo 766 First
1209BA312 P.C. Laltluangkima Mizo 760 First
1209BA313 Micky Lalthazuala Mizo 737 First
1209BA319 F.J. Laldinpuia Mizo 676 Second
1209BA320 K. Lalhruaitluanga Political Science 609 Second
1209BA321 Jonathan Lalthlamuanpuia Mizo 714 Second
1209BA322 R. Lalnunsiama Mizo 753 First
1209BA323 Vanlalthazuala Mizo 710 Second
1209BA324 Rosangliana Mizo 756 First
Govt. J. Thankima College
Govt. Johnson College
Bachelor of Arts
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1209BA329 Chuauthansanga Mizo 806 First
1209BA333 Lalthannguri Ralte Mizo 796 First
1209BA334 H. Lalremthangi Mizo 686 Second
1209BA335 Diana Lalmuanzuali Hmar Mizo 835 First
1209BA336 Lalsiamkimi Mizo 745 First
1209BA337 C. Ngurdingliani Political Science 644 Second
1209BA338 P.C. Lalengkimi Mizo 720 First
1209BA339 C. Rammuanzuali Mizo 842 First
1209BA340 H. Tluangpuii Mizo 762 First
1209BA342 Lalrinsangi Mizo 837 First
1209BA343 Lalhminghlui Mizo 795 First
1209BA344 Jenny Lalmuanpuii Mizo 857 First
1209BA345 K. Zirsangliani Mizo 827 First
1209BA346 Vanneihpuii Political Science 663 Second
1209BA347 R. Malsawmkimi Mizo 782 First
1209BA349 Jasmine Lalremruati Mizo 697 Second
1209BA351 Lalchhanchhuahi Mizo 777 First
1209BA352 F. Lalhmangaihzuali History 671 Second
1209BA353 Lily Parmawii Mizo 754 First
1209BA354 Lalrohlui Mizo 783 First
1209BA356 Malsawmdawngkima Economics 665 Second
1209BA357 Lalmalsawma Political Science 600 Second
1209BA360 Laltanpuia Fanai Education 709 Second
1209BA363 Malsawmdawngliana Mizo 708 Second
1209BA367 Lalrinmuana Education 685 Second
1209BA369 C. Laldinpuia Political Science 647 Second
1209BA372 Zohlupuii Political Science 788 First
1209BA373 Lalhriatpuii Political Science 720 First
1209BA374 Lalhruaimawii Mizo 752 First
1209BA376 Lalneihsangi Political Science 795 First
1209BA379 T. Zonunmawii Political Science 654 Second
1209BA382 Merilin Lalhmahruaii Political Science 635 Second
1209BA385 Lalrinngheti Education 638 Second
1209BA389 Lalrinawmi Education 649 Second
1209BA392 Lalrinnungi Political Science 609 Second
1209BA393 P.P. Genesis Economics 669 Second
Govt. Johnson College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1209BA396 B. Vaninmawii Mizo 794 First
1209BA399 Vincent Lalrinpuia Mizo 745 First
1209BA400 Vanrammawia Fanai Mizo 753 First
1209BA401 Lalnunnema Economics 670 Second
1209BA402 Lalrinpuia Economics 697 Second
1209BA403 Albert Lalthanliana Economics 786 First
1209BA405 Lalrinfela Economics 572 Pass
1209BA408 B. Lalchhandama Economics 858 First
1209BA409 Omeg R. Lalnunpuia Economics 622 Second
1209BA411 P.C. Lalawmpuia Economics 655 Second
1209BA412 K. Lalruatliana Economics 725 First
1209BA413 Lalruatkima Economics 712 Second
1209BA418 C. Lalrinsanga Education 605 Second
1209BA419 P.C. Lalramliana Economics 735 First
1209BA420 Lalhriatchhungi Economics 696 Second
1209BA421 Marina Zaithanmawii Economics 795 First
1209BA422 Edwina Laldawngkimi Economics 774 First
1209BA423 V.T. Susani Economics 753 First
1209BA425 Lalrintluangi Economics 772 First
1209BA426 Lalrinchhani Mizo 713 Second
1209BA427 Linda C. Lalawmpuii Economics 734 First
1209BA429 H. Lalrinawmi Education 614 Second
1209BA430 Debashree Chakma Economics 738 First
1209BA431 Vanlalhriatchhungi Economics 769 First
1209BA432 Lalramhlimi Economics 750 First
1209BA433 Grace Lalthiangzovi Economics 679 Second
1209BA436 Lalhlimpuii Economics 628 Second
1209BA439 Lalhruaitluanga History 608 Second
1209BA440 Vanrochhara Sailo History 635 Second
1209BA444 C. Zomuanpuia History 645 Second
1209BA446 David Lalnunpuia History 707 Second
1209BA448 V.L. Ramnghaka History 753 First
1209BA449 Lalrinpuia History 760 First
1209BA451 Remlalliana History 670 Second
1209BA452 Freddy Rosangkima Colney History 581 Pass
1209BA454 J. Lallawmawma History 607 Second
Govt. Johnson College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1209BA456 Lalthanmawia History 606 Second
1209BA461 Vanlalngaihi History 714 Second
1209BA463 Vanhnuni History 706 Second
1209BA464 Helen Zaithanmawii History 600 Second
1209BA465 Lalremsangi History 680 Second
1209BA475 K. Lalruatfeli History 651 Second
1209BA476 R. Lalmalsawmi History 681 Second
1209BA477 Zonunmawii Political Science 629 Second
1209BA478 F. Lalrimawii History 655 Second
1209BA479 Lalrindika Sailo Political Science 600 Second
1209BA482 Lalmalsawmdawngkima Political Science 681 Second
1209BA486 P.C. Lalthanzuala Political Science 619 Second
1209BA487 F. Lalrinliana Political Science 657 Second
1209BA488 Lalrinmawia Education 647 Second
1209BA489 Joseph Lalfakawma Political Science 634 Second
1209BA490 R. Lalfakawma Political Science 633 Second
1209BA493 P.C. Lalrinawma Political Science 812 First
1209BA496 K. Lallawmzuala Political Science 631 Second
1209BA498 Jacob Lalrodinga Fanai Political Science 658 Second
1209BA500 Jenny Lalmuansangi Mizo 751 First
1209BA503 K. Biakthanpuii Mizo 799 First
1209BA504 Lalthasiami Mizo 793 First
1209BA506 Lalmansangi Political Science 672 Second
1209BA509 C. Lalhungchhungi Political Science 632 Second
1209BA512 Lalremfeli Political Science 665 Second
1209BA515 Zonunpuii Political Science 621 Second
1209BA516 Lalhmachhuani Political Science 708 Second
1209BA517 Lalremruati Ngente Mizo 862 First
1209BA518 H. Zomuansangi Political Science 604 Second
Govt. Johnson College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
No. of Candidates : 64
No. of Appeared : 62
Pass : 39
Pass Percentage : 62.90
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1210BA055 R. Lalhmachhuani English 630 Second
1210BA056 Lalsiamtluangi English 628 Second
1210BA057 Valentine Lawmkimi English 680 Second
1210BA063 Laltlanmawia English 619 Second
1210BA068 C. Lalrinzuali Mizo 705 Second
1210BA069 Lalhmunsiama Mizo 748 First
1210BA070 Calvin V.L. Muana Mizo 767 First
1210BA072 R.C. Pazawna Mizo 844 First
1210BA074 F. Lalrinzuala Mizo 801 First
1210BA075 Ramluahpuia Geography 691 Second
1210BA076 Lalhlimpuii Political Science 642 Second
1210BA078 P.C. Vannunmawii Political Science 632 Second
1210BA080 C. Vanlalhriati Political Science 653 Second
1210BA081 Lalnunziri Political Science 631 Second
1210BA083 Susan Lalhriatpuii Political Science 619 Second
1210BA084 Khawlsiamliani Political Science 650 Second
1210BA085 Lalthazuali Political Science 689 Second
1210BA086 Lalchhanchhuahi Mizo 789 First
1210BA087 R. Lalthlanfeli Mizo 748 First
1210BA089 Lalthanpuii Geography 722 First
1210BA090 H. Lalrindika Political Science 610 Second
1210BA094 Lalremruata Political Science 649 Second
1210BA099 Vanlalhluna Political Science 723 First
1210BA100 Vanlaldika Mizo 701 Second
1210BA101 P.C. Lalhlimpuia Political Science 659 Second
1210BA103 Anthony Lalrinmawia Mizo 684 Second
1210BA104 K. Lalpanmawia Geography 649 Second
1210BA109 Vanlalruatpuii Education 589 Pass
1210BA110 C. Laltanpuia History 600 Second
Govt. Serchhip College
Bachelor of Arts
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1210BA113 Biakhmingthangi Education 600 Second
1210BA114 Remtluangpuii Education 721 First
1210BA115 K. Vanlalhruaizeli Education 763 First
1210BA117 K. Lalhriatrengi Education 561 Pass
1210BA121 Lalthanmawii Education 677 Second
1210BA122 F. Lalruatsanga Political Science 607 Second
1210BA125 V. Lalchhandami Geography 703 Second
1210BA127 Lalbiakzuala Geography 711 Second
1210BA128 K. Lalnunpuia Geography 726 First
1206BA247 C. Vanlalhriatpuii English 692 Second
No. of Candidates : 16
No. of Appeared : 16
Passed : 10
Pass Percentage : 62.5
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1210BS017 Lalruatdiki Hnamte Mathematics 606 Second
1210BS024 Lalchhanhima Hnamte Zoology 945 First
1210BS025 P.C. Lalhmingmawii Botany 921 First
1210BS028 Lalventluangi Zoology 839 First
1210BS029 Esther Lalhmangaihzuali Zoology 820 First
1210BS030 Lalremruati Fanai Zoology 792 First
1210BS031 Zodintluangi Zoology 904 First
1210BS032 Ruthi Vanlaltlansangi Zoology 811 First
1210BS033 R. Lalthlamuani Zoology 877 First
1210BS034 Malsawmtluanga Ralte Zoology 794 First
Bachelor of Science
Govt. Serchhip College
Govt. Serchhip College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
No. of Candidates : 29
No. of Appeared : 29
Pass : 18
Pass Percentage : 62.06
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1211BA054 Christina Lalrinpuii Education 664 Second
1211BA058 Lalzopari Education 619 Second
1211BA060 R. Lalduatzuali Education 647 Second
1211BA063 Lalbiakmawii Education 614 Second
1211BA066 Lalrinzuala Education 612 Second
1211BA069 Joseph Ramengmawia Education 646 Second
1211BA072 H. Lalrinzuala Education 631 Second
1211BA074 George Zothankhuma Education 782 First
1211BA084 V. Vanlalchhanhima Political Science 742 First
1211BA087 R.C. Remsangpuia Economics 579 Pass
1211BA088 K. Lalbiaknguri English 682 Second
1211BA089 P.C. Lalnuntluanga English 564 Pass
1211BA090 C. Lalhmingliana English 663 Second
1211BA093 P.C. Hmingthanmawii Geography 695 Second
1211BA098 H. Lalrohlua Geography 703 Second
1211BA099 K. Lalrinchhunga Mizo 741 First
1211BA100 H. Remruatsanga Geography 720 First
1211BA101 H. Lalhmudika Mizo 744 First
Govt. Hnahthial College
Bachelor of Arts
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
No. of Candidates : 139
No. of Appeared : 137
Pass : 87
Pass Percentage : 63.50
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1212BA248 P.C. Lalbiaksanga Mizo 829 First
1212BA258 H. Lalramngaihzuali Geography 730 First
1212BA259 Zonunpari Hnamte Geography 790 First
1212BA261 H. Lalrinsangi History 661 Second
1212BA265 Vanlaldika English 604 Second
1212BA267 Lalramenga Chawngthu Geography 817 First
1212BA270 Lalchawimawia Sailo Geography 792 First
1212BA271 P. Vanlalzawmi Geography 784 First
1212BA272 Vanlalzapi History 663 Second
1212BA275 C. Lalmuansangi Mizo 782 First
1212BA276 Zomuanpuii Ralte Mizo 824 First
1212BA277 R. Lalmuankima Mizo 681 Second
1212BA280 Lalramengmawii Fanai Geography 720 First
1212BA282 Isak Lalruatpuia Geography 693 Second
1212BA290 C. Lalvohbika Mizo 743 First
1212BA291 R. Lalmalsawma Mizo 773 First
1212BA292 H. Lalchansanga Political Science 569 Pass
1212BA295 Lalhmingliana Sathing Political Science 646 Second
1212BA301 H. Lalduhawma Geography 787 First
1212BA302 Lalhimliana Geography 774 First
1212BA303 T. Lalrintluanga Economics 693 Second
1212BA306 F. Lalbiaktluangi Political Science 679 Second
1212BA307 Lalpekhlui Fanai Political Science 660 Second
1212BA309 K. Lalruatdika Political Science 661 Second
1212BA314 Isaac C. Lalrinchhana English 604 Second
1212BA319 R. Lalthanpari History 911 First
1212BA326 Lalchungnunga Sailo Geography 791 First
1212BA329 F. Lalrempuii Political Science 619 Second
1212BA333 Lalhruaitluanga Mizo 773 First
Lunglei Govt. College
Bachelor of Arts
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1212BA334 Vanlalruati History 739 First
1212BA335 Lilyliani Mizo 694 Second
1212BA338 Frederick Zorammawia Geography 696 Second
1212BA339 B. Lalchamreii Education 648 Second
1212BA341 Lalramsangi Sailo Political Science 705 Second
1212BA342 Benjamin Malsawmkima Economics 586 Pass
1212BA345 C. Lalrempuia Geography 794 First
1212BA349 H.C. Vanlalfela Political Science 689 Second
1212BA351 Lalremmuani Chhangte English 616 Second
1212BA354 Lalrinthanga English 662 Second
1212BA355 Lalliantluanga Mizo 720 First
1212BA356 C. Lalruatkimi Geography 809 First
1212BA360 V.L. Hlunmawii Pachuau Education 639 Second
1212BA361 B. Lalremsangi Education 677 Second
1212BA364 Biaksangpuia Sailo Philosophy 804 First
1212BA366 Zoherliana Chawngthu Geography 832 First
1212BA367 George L.R. Hmangaiha Vanhawi Education 802 First
1212BA368 Benjamin C. Lalbiakhlua Political Science 690 Second
1212BA374 C. Lalhmingmawii Economics 633 Second
1212BA375 Rochansanga Political Science 726 First
1212BA376 P.C. Lalrempuii Geography 758 First
1212BA378 K. Zaliana Geography 836 First
1212BA380 K. Laltanpuii Mizo 786 First
1212BA381 H. Lalrinsiami Geography 701 Second
1212BA382 C. Lalnunfeli Political Science 649 Second
1212BA384 K. Lalnunhlimi History 628 Second
1212BA388 Esther C. Lalramhluni Political Science 627 Second
1212BA392 Laltinsanga Mizo 747 First
1212BA395 Esther Lalruatfeli Khiangte English 706 Second
1212BA401 J. Lalramchhana Political Science 640 Second
1212BA404 T. Lalnunmawii Mizo 727 First
1212BA405 Zaithai Mizo 778 First
1212BA406 Jaslyn Lalhmangaihzuali Education 702 Second
1212BA408 R. Lalramhmuchhuaki Education 625 Second
1212BA411 Laxmi Vanlalpeki Geography 721 First
1212BA414 Lalhmingliani Sailo Education 631 Second
Lunglei Govt. College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1212BA417 F.C. Lalchhanhima Education 641 Second
1212BA420 Ziakthangpuia Geography 709 Second
1212BA422 Ramnunpuia Economics 712 Second
1212BA425 H.P. Lalremkimi Geography 755 First
1212BA427 K. Lalthanmawii Geography 757 First
1212BA431 Rebeck Lalbiaknungi Mizo 737 First
1212BA441 Ellis F. Zadingliana Mizo 800 First
1212BA446 Rosangliani Education 654 Second
1212BA454 Lalthankhumi Mizo 763 First
1212BA455 Lalthantluangi Mizo 775 First
1212BA466 Tlanhmingthangi History 707 Second
1212BA470 Zonunmawii Ralte English 849 First
1212BA471 C. Lallianbuangi Mizo 741 First
1212BA474 Lalneihtluangi Mizo 757 First
1212BA480 Vanlalruatpuia Mizo 721 First
1212BA482 Lalruathlui History 915 First
1212BA483 Zosangzuali Hrahsel History 866 First
1212BA491 T. Lalhriatpuia‘ Economics 699 Second
1212BA492 C. Lalthakimi History 746 First
1214BA122 Vincent C. Lalthawmliana Economics 714 Second
1201BA605 Lalchhuankimi Philosophy 797 First
1204BA316 A. Lalremruatpuia English 623 Second
No. of Candidates : 34
No. of Appeared : 33
Passed : 28
Pass Percentage : 84.84
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1212BS045 Lalmalsawmi Zadeng Geology 699 Second
1212BS046 P.C. Lalbiaknii Botany 947 First
1212BS047 T. Lalruatdika Mathematics 610 Second
1212BS048 Lalropuia Tlanglian Mathematics 619 Second
Lunglei Govt. College
Bachelor of Science
Lunglei Govt. College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1212BS049 Laldinmawii Botany 867 First
1212BS050 R. Lalrunmawii Zoology 910 First
1212BS051 LH. Lalnunsiami Botany 807 First
1212BS052 C. Lalduhpuia Physics 661 Second
1212BS053 H. Lalramzauva Physics 665 Second
1212BS059 Lalhmingzuali Geology 735 First
1212BS060 Lalrampanmawia Mathematics 685 Second
1212BS067 LH Lalrindika Mathematics 621 Second
1212BS068 C. Lalzirliana Mathematics 681 Second
1212BS069 Lalthansangi Zoology 917 First
1212BS070 K. Lalthafamkima Zoology 893 First
1212BS071 T. Lalruatzeli Geology 739 First
1212BS074 B. Lalchangliana Geology 881 First
1212BS080 R. Lalchhanhima Zoology 837 First
1212BS083 H. Rinnghinglova Geology 756 First
1212BS084 K. Vanlalhriata Mathematics 628 Second
1212BS085 Subratha Chakma Mathematics 720 First
1212BS087 Elizabeth Lalrinkimi Zoology 938 First
1212BS088 Mary Lalramduhi Botany 838 First
1212BS090 Lalhmangaihsangi Geology 801 First
1212BS091 JH. Vanlalzuali Zoology 958 First
1212BS092 B. Lalzawnpuii Zoology 941 First
1212BS093 Lalramchhana Varte Botany 781 First
1212BS094 J. Rosangzela Botany 843 First
No. of Candidates : 53
No. of Appeared : 53
Pass : 21
Pass Percentage : 39.62
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1213BA122 Esther Lalngaihsaki English 645 Second
1213BA131 Vanlalthudiki Education 694 Second
1213BA135 Vanlalruati Zote Education 673 Second
1213BA140 Sanjit Kumar Chakma Political Science 689 Second
Bachelor of Arts
Govt. J.Buana College
Lunglei Govt. College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1213BA142 Arun Moy Political Science 649 Second
1213BA143 Ojit Rai History 628 Second
1213BA147 Lalhmingtluangi Political Science 672 Second
1213BA160 Zonunthari Mizo 713 Second
1213BA161 Zosangzuala Mizo 715 Second
1213BA162 Lalhrezuala Mizo 685 Second
1213BA174 B. Zonunmawia Public Administration 731 First
1213BA182 C. Laltlankima Public Administration 662 Second
1213BA185 Gospel Lalpianpuia History 577 Pass
1213BA189 L. Lalngaihawma History 650 Second
1213BA197 L.H. Lalawmpuia Mizo 736 First
1213BA203 H. Lalrinzuali English 690 Second
1213BA205 A. Vanlalpeka Political Science 577 Pass
1213BA210 LHV. Lalhmingchhuani Geography 738 First
1213BA211 LH. Hmingthansangi Geography 670 Second
1213BA212 Zoramthangi Geography 685 Second
1213BA217 Vanlaltanpuia Public Administration 680 Second
No of Candidates : 67
No. of Appeared : 66
Passed : 17
Pass Percentage : 25.75
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1214BA071 Lalbiaktluangi English 627 Second
1214BA072 Vanlaldini Hmar English 579 Pass
1214BA081 H. Lalengkima Political Science 572 Pass
1214BA083 R. Lalchhuanawma Political Science 533 Pass
1214BA084 Vanlalhluna Political Science 584 Pass
1214BA085 Lalngilneihkimi Political Science 634 Second
1214BA093 Lalduhliana Sociology 695 Second
1214BA102 S. Malsawmtluangi Public Administration 530 Pass
1214BA120 Gospel F. Hmingropuia Economics 696 Second
Govt. J.Buana College
Bachelor of Arts
Govt. Lawngtlai College
Page 54 of 82
VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1214BA123 Malsawmdawngi Economics 555 Pass
1214BA129 K. Lalramhmachhuani Public Administration 541 Pass
1214BA137 Sangtialsungi Political Science 593 Pass
1214BA162 Jenny Chanchinthahrilsangi Sociology 600 Second
1214BA163 Julie Lalramliani Public Administration 591 Pass
1214BA164 KC. Hmingrimawii Sociology 635 Second
1202BA515 Hnehtulalliana Kawlni Sociology 700 Second
1208BA239 H. Lallawmzuali Political Science 543 Pass
No. of Candidates : 105
No. of Appeared : 103
Passed : 40
Pass Percentage : 38.83
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1215BA100 H. Jenny Thapaw English 590 Pass
1215BA101 K. Vabeichono Sociology 664 Second
1215BA102 Immanuel English 556 Pass
1215BA106 F.C. Thelei Economics 586 Pass
1215BA108 L.C Esther Beihmaso Education 631 Second
1215BA109 K.L. Beichakaosa Economics 644 Second
1215BA110 R.T.C. Lalliansanga Economics 779 First
1215BA111 Jacob T. Thapha Economics 537 Pass
1215BA112 Beipachhua Education 616 Second
1215BA113 Chiahluisung Education 639 Second
1215BA115 J. Malsawmsangi Education 639 Second
1215BA116 L. Devini Education 605 Second
1215BA122 Rapawrili Hlychho Education 620 Second
1215BA127 C. Lallawmsanga Education 684 Second
1215BA130 Beiralai Mizo 676 Second
1215BA132 A. Ngophazi History 610 Second
1215BA135 L.C. Khochia Mizo 729 First
1215BA145 H. Ngohei Mizo 652 Second
1215BA154 Lalmuanpuii Mizo 680 Second
Govt. Lawngtlai College
Bachelor of Arts
Govt. Saiha College
Page 55 of 82
VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1215BA155 B. Lalthanpari Mizo 703 Second
1215BA156 K. Vanlalmawizuali Mizo 785 First
1215BA158 H. Lalrohlui Mizo 753 First
1215BA159 K. Maduati Mizo 720 First
1215BA161 C. Hanah Mizo 710 Second
1215BA162 Thanghnuna Bawitlung Mizo 746 First
1215BA169 Vanlaltlanmawia Mizo 746 First
1215BA171 Z. Dawtlia Political Science 583 Pass
1215BA174 S. Zirduhmawia Mizo 660 Second
1215BA183 F.C. Christina Beihrohnei Political Science 649 Second
1215BA187 H.C. Allan Beipasa Mizo 635 Second
1215BA191 C. Beiphasia Political Science 589 Pass
1215BA197 H. Lalhlunsangi Sociology 724 First
1215BA198 S.T. Lalhriatchhungi Sociology 711 Second
1215BA199 K. Vasty Sociology 662 Second
1215BA201 R. Ramngaihsangi Sociology 637 Second
1215BA204 H. Ramthazuali Sociology 730 First
1215BA218 J. Lalruatsanga Sociology 626 Second
1215BA227 H.C. Vanlaldingngheti Sociology 788 First
1215BA229 Hronabiehnei Hlychho Sociology 654 Second
1215BA230 S. Veronica Mizo 645 Second
No. of Candidates : 60
No. of Appeared : 59
Passed : 37
Pass Percentage : 62.71
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1216BA045 Vanlalkroshminghlui Pachuau English 650 Second
1216BA047 Laltanpuii Political Science 650 Second
1216BA049 Lalremruatsanga Geography 712 Second
1216BA050 Vanlaltlanzovi Political Science 677 Second
1216BA052 Laltlanthangi English 630 Second
Govt. Saitual College
Govt. Saiha College
Bachelor of Arts
Page 56 of 82
VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1216BA053 Lalmuanpuia Geography 644 Second
1216BA056 H. Lalremruati Political Science 627 Second
1216BA060 Lalmuanawma Geography 764 First
1216BA061 Lalnunsanga Geography 647 Second
1216BA065 Lalhminghlua Geography 616 Second
1216BA068 P.C. Lalremmawii Political Science 629 Second
1216BA069 Lalremfeli Political Science 613 Second
1216BA070 R. Lalmawizuali Political Science 567 Pass
1216BA072 Zonunmawii Political Science 640 Second
1216BA073 Vanlalthatpuii Political Science 630 Second
1216BA074 Lalbiakdiki Chawngthu Political Science 668 Second
1216BA076 H. Vanlalhruaii Geography 689 Second
1216BA078 Jerry Vanlalpeka Political Science 586 Pass
1216BA080 R. Lalrinchhana Geography 638 Second
1216BA082 Biakhluzuali Political Science 648 Second
1216BA086 Vanlalmuankimi English 621 Second
1216BA087 Rebecca Ngurthansangi Geography 707 Second
1216BA088 Lalramchhana Geography 766 First
1216BA094 H.D. Lalhmingthangi Geography 705 Second
1216BA095 Centenary Lalhmingsangi English 594 Pass
1216BA096 Lallawmawma Education 639 Second
1216BA101 Danny Hmingthanzuala Geography 661 Second
1216BA104 Lalthamawii Education 678 Second
1216BA105 Ruth Lallawmkimi Economics 600 Second
1216BA108 Vanropuii Education 637 Second
1216BA110 Lalhriattiri Education 648 Second
1216BA112 H.S Zodinsangi English 602 Second
1216BA113 V. Lalrawnzeli Education 684 Second
1216BA115 Lalthansangi Education 590 Pass
1216BA118 V.L. Hmangaihsanga Political Science 600 Second
1216BA122 F. Vanlalrawna Mizo 720 First
1216BA123 Vanlalpeki English 588 Pass
Govt. Saitual College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
No of Candidates : 10
No. of Appeared : 10
Passed : 5
Pass Percentage : 50
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1217BA021 Ramengmawii English 561 Pass
1217BA028 H. Lalnghakliana History 571 Pass
1217BA030 Zairemi Mizo 733 First
1217BA037 Ricky Lawmsangkima Political Science 621 Second
1217BA040 Rampanmawia Political Science 606 Second
No. of Candidates : 87
No. of Appeared : 87
Passed : 67
Pass Percentage : 77.01 77.01149425
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1218BA084 L.T. Mawia English 551 Pass
1218BA086 R. Lalbiakhluni English 674 Second
1218BA087 Lalawmpuii English 641 Second
1218BA088 Kapchhungi English 555 Pass
1218BA092 C. Lalnunpuii Mizo 863 First
1218BA093 Vanlalrinchhani Mizo 750 First
1218BA094 Lalsawmliana Political Science 726 First
1218BA096 J.C. Lalrimawia Mizo 780 First
1218BA101 Lalhmunmawia Geography 760 First
1218BA102 C. Rosangpuia Geography 667 Second
1218BA103 K. Lalmuanpuia Political Science 600 Second
1218BA105 Malsawmkima Political Science 769 First
1218BA110 Lalchhuansanga Political Science 767 First
1218BA111 Vanlalchhuanga History 728 First
Govt. Khawzawl College
Govt. Champhai College
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Arts
Page 58 of 82
VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1218BA114 Laldingngheta Mizo 777 First
1218BA115 Lalropuia Fanai Pakhup Political Science 664 Second
1218BA117 Rody K. Ngaihkimi Education 842 First
1218BA118 F. Zomuanthangi Education 629 Second
1218BA119 R.K. Lalnunpuii Political Science 730 First
1218BA120 Lalramsiami Political Science 748 First
1218BA121 C. Khawlthangpuii Geography 683 Second
1218BA123 Ruthi Lalremsiami Political Science 731 First
1218BA125 K. Lalhmuchhuaki History 629 Second
1218BA126 Lalnunpuii Economics 726 First
1218BA129 Lalramliana Economics 640 Second
1218BA131 H. Lalthlamuanpuia Economics 582 Pass
1218BA132 B. Lalnunmawia Mizo 752 First
1218BA134 Albert Pumkhensinga Education 700 Second
1218BA136 Malsawmdawnga Political Science 641 Second
1218BA137 C. Lalruatfela Education 560 Pass
1218BA140 K. Lalchhuanawmi Education 703 Second
1218BA144 H.C. Lalremsangi Mizo 743 First
1218BA145 Lalrodingi Education 698 Second
1218BA146 Lalawmpuii Education 643 Second
1218BA147 Lalnunthari Education 722 First
1218BA148 Lalnunthari Education 586 Pass
1218BA149 T. Lalruatdiki Education 572 Pass
1218BA150 H.S. Lalrinzami Education 609 Second
1218BA151 Vanlalhriatrengi Education 690 Second
1218BA154 Lalrinpuii Political Science 620 Second
1218BA155 F. Ramhlunmawii Education 644 Second
1218BA160 V.L. Hmangaihkima Mizo 802 First
1218BA163 Thangmuanliana Geography 667 Second
1218BA164 C. Biakchungnunga Geography 730 First
1218BA165 B. Zochhuanawma Political Science 650 Second
1218BA166 J.K. Lalmalsawma Geography 743 First
1218BA167 K. Lalremruata Geography 686 Second
1218BA168 H.C. Haukungpuia Economics 668 Second
1218BA169 Jacob Ramdinthara Mizo 730 First
1218BA173 P.B. Lalhmingliana Geography 722 First
1218BA174 Emmanuel Muanpuia Political Science 625 Second
Govt. Champhai College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1218BA175 Lalrammuanpuia Political Science 675 Second
1218BA176 Joseph C. Lalruatfela Geography 650 Second
1218BA177 Lalramnunpuia Geography 644 Second
1218BA178 H. Lalchhanhimi Political Science 611 Second
1218BA179 Chingsiannuami Mizo 758 First
1218BA180 Lalhlimpuii Geography 677 Second
1218BA183 Rebek Lalsangpuii Geography 662 Second
1218BA184 Cecilia Lalngaihzuali Geography 638 Second
1218BA185 Malsawmdawngkimi Geography 668 Second
1218BA186 F.V.L.H. Zuali Geography 823 First
1218BA188 Lalramdinthangi Geography 683 Second
1218BA190 Tingngaihhuapi Geography 706 Second
1218BA194 Lalengzami Geography 728 First
1218BA198 Lallawmkimi Geography 692 Second
1218BA199 Lalnipuii Geography 672 Second
1203BA793 B. Vanlalhriatpuia Mizo 777 First
No. of Candidates : 17
No. of Appeared : 17
Passed : 10
Pass Percentage : 58.82
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1218BS019 Thangsawmtluanga Botany 813 First
1218BS020 Lalhmangaihzuali Botany 806 First
1218BS022 Lalthianghlimi Zoology 849 First
1218BS024 Khawlremsiami Botany 833 First
1218BS025 C. Lalremsanga Zoology 765 First
1218BS026 Lalhmingmawia Botany 768 First
1218BS027 Freddy Lalrinpuia Zoology 902 First
1218BS028 Lalchhanhima Botany 843 First
1218BS029 Lalremruata Zoology 775 First
1218BS030 C. Lalnuntluanga Chemistry 710 Second
Bachelor of Science
Govt. Champhai College
Govt. Champhai College
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VI/Reg/2012 Batch
No. of Candidates : 75
No. of Appeared : 75
Pass : 43
Pass Percentage : 57.33
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1219BA119 Doulallem Neihsial English 726 First
1219BA126 Lalthanpuii Tochhawng Economics 714 Second
1219BA130 Lalmakthanga Fanai Mizo 675 Second
1219BA132 Angela Malsawmtluangi Political Science 659 Second
1219BA135 Esther Lalenkawli Political Science 823 First
1219BA137 Lalchhanhimi Education 870 First
1219BA138 Lalchhingpuii Political Science 705 Second
1219BA139 Lalhungchhungi Political Science 583 Pass
1219BA140 Lalnuntluangi Public Administration 733 First
1219BA141 Lalrammawii Mizo 858 First
1219BA142 Lalrinkimi Mizo 789 First
1219BA143 Melody Lalmuanpuii Mizo 774 First
1219BA144 Ruthi Lalhmangaihzuali Mizo 749 First
1219BA145 Lalsangzuala Mizo 581 Pass
1219BA150 Lalremruatpuia Education 625 Second
1219BA152 Catherine Lallianpuii Mizo 752 First
1219BA154 Z. Lalmalsawmi Mizo 793 First
1219BA155 Zothanpuii Mizo 804 First
1219BA156 Albert T.B.C. Lalnunfela Political Science 639 Second
1219BA158 Immanuel Hosana Mizo 649 Second
1219BA161 B. Vanlalbiakdiki Geography 605 Second
1219BA165 Lalnunpuii Ralte Public Administration 567 Pass
1219BA166 Lalrinpuii Public Administration 600 Second
1219BA167 Lalhmachhuana Mizo 730 First
1219BA169 Malsawmtluanga Public Administration 668 Second
1219BA170 Aruna Thapa Political Science 661 Second
1219BA171 Baby Lalramnghahpuii Political Science 696 Second
1219BA172 Ganga Sharma Political Science 617 Second
1219BA175 Lalnunsiami Political Science 645 Second
Bachelor of Arts
Govt. Kolasib College
Page 61 of 82
VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1219BA183 Lalramnunsiama Political Science 623 Second
1219BA185 Lalthangmawia Political Science 603 Second
1219BA188 Samuel Vanlalpeka Political Science 580 Pass
1219BA191 Jenny Lalrinpuii Geography 690 Second
1219BA193 Lalnunpuii Geography 737 First
1219BA196 Rebecca Lalparmawii Geography 772 First
1219BA197 R. Laltanpuii Geography 760 First
1219BA198 Thaneihtlini Geography 609 Second
1219BA200 B. Lalsiamkima Geography 720 First
1219BA204 Lalawmpuia Geography 762 First
1219BA205 Laldinsanga Public Administration 574 Pass
1219BA208 Malsawmzuala Geography 689 Second
1219BA210 Thomas C. Lalduhawma Geography 601 Second
1219BA212 Zomuanpuia Rokhum Geography 671 Second
No. of Candidates : 10
No. of Appeared : 10
Passed : 7
Pass Percentage : 70
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1219BS017 Ngaihvungi Botany 937 First
1219BS019 Arjina Begum Mathematics 607 Second
1219BS020 Puja Kumari Mathematics 651 Second
1219BS025 Jenny Laltlankimi Botany 821 First
1219BS026 Lalremruati Botany 779 First
1219BS027 Zorinpuii Botany 843 First
1219BS030 Patrick Zolawma Lawlor Zoology 887 First
Bachelor of Science
Govt. Kolasib College
Govt. Kolasib College
Page 62 of 82
VI/Reg/2012 Batch
No. of Candidates : 19
No. of Appeared : 19
Pass : 15
Pass Percentage : 78.94
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1220BA026 Angela Laltleipuii Political Science 666 Second
1220BA027 Benjamin Lalrinawma Political Science 678 Second
1220BA028 C. Lalduhsangi Education 682 Second
1220BA029 C. Lalrawngbawli Education 679 Second
1220BA030 C. Lalmuanzova Education 638 Second
1220BA031 David Lalchhuantlinga Economics 733 First
1220BA032 Dorothy V.L. Remruatfeli Education 663 Second
1220BA033 Jolly Laltlanchhuaha Economics 664 Second
1220BA034 Judy Lalhlimpuii Education 745 First
1220BA035 Judy Lalremruati History 709 Second
1220BA036 Lalchhuantlinga Political Science 691 Second
1220BA043 M.S Dawngkimi Education 666 Second
1220BA044 Rodinsanga History 656 Second
1220BA046 Ramdinthari Pachuau Political Science 652 Second
1220BA047 Saizikpuii Sailo Political Science 656 Second
No. of Candidates : 12
No. of Appeared : 12
Passed : 10
Pass Percentage : 83.33
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1221BA004 Lalthanpuii Ralte Mizo 779 First
1221BA006 Zorinpuii Mizo 688 Second
1221BA008 Zion Lallenmawii Mizo 729 First
1221BA009 R. Lalhriatpuii Economics 586 Pass
1221BA013 Remruatfeli Mizo 840 First
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Arts
Govt. Zawlnuam College
Govt. Mamit College
Page 63 of 82
VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1221BA014 Lalramhlupuii Mizo 733 First
1221BA021 V. L. Rohlua Poonte Mizo 755 First
1221BA022 Lalhriatpuia Sailo Mizo 843 First
1221BA023 Zomuansanga Mizo 741 First
1221BA026 H. Lalruatfela Mizo 706 Second
No. of Candidates : 69
No. of Appeared : 68
Passed : 26
Pass Percentage : 38.23
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1222BA072 P.C Vanlalruati Mizo 665 Second
1222BA073 Rosalyn V.L Remruati Mizo 636 Second
1222BA074 Carolyne C. Vanlalchhanhimi Mizo 669 Second
1222BA075 Natun Kumar Chakma Political Science 589 Pass
1222BA076 Doyal Kanti Chakma History 585 Pass
1222BA080 Dipenti Chakma Political Science 591 Pass
1222BA082 Vanlalngaihsaki Mizo 670 Second
1222BA086 Sonjit Chakma Education 559 Pass
1222BA090 Shanti Dhan Chakma History 562 Pass
1222BA093 Ratna Sadhan Chakma English 753 First
1222BA094 Anasri Chakma English 589 Pass
1222BA096 Lendu Chakma Political Science 600 Second
1222BA102 Rupapu Tongchangya Political Science 582 Pass
1222BA110 Mithun Tongchangya Political Science 777 First
1222BA111 Suresh Kumar Chakma Political Science 668 Second
1222BA112 Rakesh Chakma History 561 Pass
1222BA117 Gyana Priyo Political Science 821 First
1222BA127 Rip Rip Chakma Political Science 688 Second
1222BA133 Sadhak Chakma Education 630 Second
1222BA134 Leely Chakma Education 600 Second
1222BA137 Awshine Tongchangya History 694 Second
Bachelor of Arts
Govt. Zawlnuam College
Govt. Kamalanagar College
Page 64 of 82
VI/Reg/2012 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1222BA146 Amar Kanti Chakma Political Science 532 Pass
1222BA149 Abhijit Chakma Education 578 Pass
1222BA150 B.Santi Ranjan Chakma Education 534 Pass
1222BA172 Lalruata Education 638 Second
1213BA128 Lokhi Joy Chakma Education 631 Second
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1223BA008 Dengthanmawii English 828 First
1223BA009 Isaac Lalthazuala English 774 First
1223BA010 J. Lalbeiseii English 740 First
1223BA011 Joseph Lalrinawma English 718 Second
1223BA012 L.R. Awmpuii Chhangte English 814 First
1223BA013 Lalrempuii Pachuau English 739 First
1223BA014 R. Lalnunzira English 705 Second
1223BA015 T. Lalnunsangi English 752 First
1223BA017 Wendy C. Lalremsiami English 706 Second
1223BA018 Zaithankhuma English 812 First
Govt. Kamalanagar College
Bachelor of Arts
Pass Percentage : 100
Higher & Technical Institute, Mizoram
No. of Candidates : 10
No. of Appeared : 10
Pass : 10
Page 65 of 82
VI/Reg/2012 Batch
No. of Candidates : 20
No. of Appeared : 20
Passed : 20
Pass Percentage : 100.00
Roll No. Name Marks Division
1223BC028 Benjamin Rosangliana 1316 First
1223BC029 C. Biakthansangi 1475 First
1223BC030 C. Lalrohlua 1339 First
1223BC031 C. Lalzawmtluangi 1274 First
1223BC032 C. Vanlalruati 1452 First
1223BC034 Jonathan Lalruatdika 1292 First
1223BC035 K. Zonunpari 1343 First
1223BC036 Lalhmingfaka Hnamte 1307 First
1223BC037 Lallianpuii Khawlhring 1256 First
1223BC038 Lalnghaksanga 1195 Second
1223BC039 Lalnunsanga 1405 First
1223BC040 Lalremruati 1386 First
1223BC041 P.C. Jonathan Lalhruaitluanga 1333 First
1223BC042 R. Lalropari 1248 First
1223BC043 Rebec Lalfansangi 1432 First
1223BC045 Rommel Zohmingsanga 1189 Second
1223BC046 Samuel Lalchhanchhuaha 1459 First
1223BC048 V. Lalrampari 1265 First
1223BC049 ZD. Dengzikpuii 1269 First
1223BC050 F. Laldinthara 1351 First
Bachelor of Commerce
Higher and Technical Institute, Mizoram
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VI/Rep/2011 Batch
No. of Candidates : 43
No. of Appeared : 36
Passed : 18
Pass Percentage : 50
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1101BA013 Hmingthanpuii English 1216 Second
1101BA035 C. Lalrinchhani English 1185 Pass
1101BA055 K. Laltlannii Economics 1249 Second
1101BA121 Lalrinkima History 1173 Pass
1101BA136 Lalchhanchhuaha History 1271 Second
1101BA152 Jenet Lalnunmawii History 1077 Pass
1101BA157 R. Lalrinhlui History 1327 Second
1101BA194 Hmangaihtluanga Philosophy 1342 Second
1101BA201 Lallianmawii Philosophy 1098 Pass
1101BA251 Biakthansanga Public Administration 1240 Second
1101BA267 Samuel Vanlalpeka Public Administration 1200 Second
1101BA273 K. Lalsangkimi Public Administration 1180 Pass
1101BA276 Lalrinfeli Public Administration 1095 Pass
1101BA297 K. Lalhmangaihkima Sociology 1179 Pass
1101BA336 Duakhai Hlychho Geography 1259 Second
1101BA362 Varhlupuia Geography 1053 Pass
1101BA367 C. Lalzampuii Geography 1316 Second
1101BA404 Rochanhlui Tlau Psychology 1299 Second
Passed due to clearance of Second/ Fourth Semester back-log paper(s)
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1101BA140 M.C. Lalvenhima History 1135 Pass
1101BA173 Lalruatdika Hnamte Mizo 1295 Second
1101BA179 Esther Lalhruaizeli Mizo 1240 Second
1101BA193 W. Vanlalhmangaihi Mizo 1270 Second
Bachelor of Arts
Sixth Semester Repeaters ( 2011 Batch)
Pachhunga University College
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VI/Rep/2011 Batch
Passed due to clearance of Second/ Fourth Semester back-log paper(s)
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1101BA230 K. Lalremmawia Political Science 1212 Second
1101BA236 Remlalfela Political Science 1279 Second
1101BA294 Bethel K. Lalnunpuia Sociology 1265 Second
1101BA303 P.C. Lalremruata Sociology 1068 Pass
1101BA306 Stephen M.S. Dawngsanga Sociology 1181 Pass
1101BA325 Rampansangi Sociology 1293 Second
1101BA326 Z.D. Vanlalmalsawmi Sociology 1208 Second
No. of Candidates : 25
No. of Appeared : 18
Passed : 3
Pass Percentage : 16.66
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1101BS090 Hnamte Lalzawnchhunga Mathematics 1362 Second
1101BS099 P.C. Lalremtluanga Mathematics 1408 Second
1101BS141 Ricky Lalduhzuala Physics 1236 Second
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1101BS063 C. Lalchhuanawma Geology 1364 Second
1101BS098 P.C. Lallawmawma Mathematics 1396 Second
1101BS105 Lallawmsangi Mathematics 1295 Second
1101BS138 Lalruatsanga Physics 1277 Second
1101BS152 Lalfakmawia Statistics 1446 First
Pachhunga University College
Passed due to clearance of Second / Fourth Semester back-log paper(s)
Pachhunga University College
Bachelor of Science
Page 68 of 82
VI/Rep/2011 Batch
No. of Candidates : 1
No. of Appeared : 1
Passed : Nil
Pass Percentage : Nil
Roll No. Name Marks Division
1101BC013 Lalnundika 1150 Pass
1101BC020 Raju Shil 1190 Pass
1101BC022 Samuel Lalhruaitluanga 1325 Second
No. of Candidates : 6
No. of Appeared : 6
Passed : 2
Pass Percentage : 33.33
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1102BA110 Lalrindika Khawlhring History 1288 Second
1102BA178 Nancy K. Lalnunpuii Education 1301 Second
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1102BA060 Lalrotluanga Mizo 1225 Second
1102BA175 Lalrinchhani Education 1239 Second
Bachelor of Commerce
Pachhunga University College
Passed due to clearance of Second / Fourth Semester back-log paper(s)
Bachelor of Arts
Govt. Aizawl College
Passed due to clearance of Second/Fourth Semester back-log paper(s):
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VI/Rep/2011 Batch
No. of Candidates : Nil
No. of Appeared : Nil
Passed : Nil
Pass Percentage : Nil
No of Candidates : 9
No. of Appeared : 8
Passed : 5
Pass Percentage : 62.5
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1103BA112 K. Vanlalchhanhimi Education 1241 Second
1103BA161 M.S. Dawngzela Geography 1187 Pass
1103BA165 Simon Malsawmtluanga Ralte GCeoolngerayphy 1122 Pass
1103BA173 Christina Zoramsangliani Education 1443 First
1103BA292 Lalrinhlui Political Science 1303 Second
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1103BA001 Angelina Lalfakawmi History 1275 Second
1103BA064 K. Lalhmangaihi Economics 1192 Pass
1103BA104 Gracy Vanlalruati Sailo Education 1219 Second
1103BA109 K. Lallawmpuii Education 1171 Pass
1103BA120 Lalthlamuani Education 1183 Pass
1103BA183 Sarah Laldampuii Ralte History 1372 Second
Govt. Hrangbana College
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Commerce
Govt. Aizawl College
Passed due to clearance of Second/Fourth Semester back-log paper(s):
Page 70 of 82
VI/Rep/2011 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1103BA258 R. Lalawmpuii Public Administration 1148 Pass
1103BA306 H. Lalchhuanawma Political Science 1203 Second
1103BA325 Vanlalhlimpuia Political Science 1226 Second
No. of Candidates : 1
No. of Appeared : Nil
Passed : Nil
Pass Percentage : Nil
Roll No. Name Marks Division
1103BC031 Lalruatfeli Vanchhawng 1171 Pass
No. of Candidates : 15
No. of Appeared : 15
Passed : 10
Pass Percentage : 66.66
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1104BA105 Lalzawmliani History 1165 Pass
1104BA127 Lalremtluanga History 1146 Pass
1104BA179 Vanlalthazuala Public Administration 1100 Pass
1104BA184 El Bethel Zonunthari Public Administration 1192 Pass
1104BA189 Lalrinhlui Public Administration 1252 Second
Govt. T. Romana College
Bachelor of Arts
Passed due to clearance of Second/Fourth Semester back-log paper(s):
Govt. Hrangbana College
Bachelor of Commerce
Govt. Hrangbana College
Passed due to clearance of Second/Fourth Semester back-log paper(s):
Page 71 of 82
VI/Rep/2011 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1104BA197 S. Lalhmangaihtluangi Public Administration 1275 Second
1104BA201 C. Lalngurvunga Public Administration 1161 Pass
1104BA209 Lalsangzuala Public Administration 1120 Pass
1104BA219 Zoremsanga Public Administration 1330 Second
1123BA001 Kawlhmingthanga English 1244 Second
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1104BA001 F. Lalnunthari English 1203 Second
1104BA061 Tuangminlun Economics 1201 Second
1104BA033 P.C. Lalthazova Education 1272 Second
1104BA226 M.S. Dawngkimi Chhangte Political Science 1302 Second
No of Candidates : 17
No. of Appeared : 17
Passed : 12
Pass Percentage : 70.58
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1105BA002 H. Sakhawliana Economics 1182 Pass
1105BA079 Jacob Malsawmdawngliana English 1110 Pass
1105BA082 Miriam Lalnunsangi English 1239 Second
1105BA091 C. Vanlalpekliani English 1203 Second
1105BA164 Lalzarzokima Political Science 1247 Second
1105BA165 Lalhruaitluanga Political Science 1246 Second
1105BA170 Lalthakima Political Science 1268 Second
1105BA171 C. Laldingliani Political Science 1203 Second
1105BA176 Lalremtluanga Political Science 1141 Pass
1105BA177 Benjamin Rozamzela Political Science 1208 Second
1105BA178 David Vanlalsipaia Political Science 1273 Second
1105BA272 C. Lalmalsawma Geography 1175 Pass
Passed due to clearance of Second/Fourth Semester back-log paper(s):
Govt. T. Romana College
Govt. Aizawl North College
Bachelor of Arts
Page 72 of 82
VI/Rep/2011 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1105BA212 Lallawmzuala Tochhawng Mizo 1243 Second
1105BA214 Lalromawii Mizo 1117 Pass
No. of Candidates : 13
No. of Appeared : 13
Passed : 2
Pass Percentage : 15.38
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1106BA056 Vanlalhriati Lianhna History 1190 Pass
1106BA059 MB Zothanpuia Economics 1116 Pass
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1106BA058 Lallawmsanga History 1186 Pass
1106BA162 Lalzarmawii Thangluah Education 1148 Pass
1106BA191 Lalbiakthuami Renthlei Education 1182 Pass
No. of Candidates : 10
No. of Appeared : 10
Passed : 4
Pass Percentage : 40
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1107BS018 T.C. Lalhlimpuia Botany 1377 Second
1107BS019 Lalhriatpuii Botany 1395 Second
1107BS041 Lalrinpuii Physics 1393 Second
1107BS043 Imanuel Lalnunmawia Physics 1273 Second
Govt. Aizawl North College
Govt. Zirtiri Residential Science College
Bachelor of Arts
Govt. Aizawl West College
Bachelor of Science
Passed due to clearance of Second/Fourth Semester back-log paper(s):
Passed due to clearance of Second/Fourth Semester back-log paper(s):
Page 73 of 82
VI/Rep/2011 Batch
No. of Candidates : 2
No. of Appeared : 2
Passed : 2
Pass Percentage : 100
Roll No. Name Marks Division
1107BH004 C. Lalthanmawii 1316 Second
1107BH015 V. Lalhruaitluangi 1415 Second
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1108BA034 H. Malsawmtluangi Economics 1225 Second
1108BA052 C. Lalruatfela Education 1347 Second
1108BA069 Joseph Lalsangliana Education 1270 Second
1108BA073 Rajiv Jaisi Education 1188 Pass
1108BA128 R. Lalawmpuii Political Science 1266 Second
1108BA135 Jerusalemthari Political Science 1178 Pass
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1108BA004 Lalnundika Political Science 1337 Second
1108BA083 Lalrinhlua Mizo 1234 Second
1108BA090 Zoramsangzela Ralte Mizo 1231 Second
1108BA102 Lalhmangaihi Political Science 1188 Pass
1108BA103 Vanlalfaka Education 1213 Second
Bachelor of Science (Home Science)
Govt. Zirtiri Residential Science College
No. of Appeared : 7
Pass : 6
Pass Percentage : 85.71
Bachelor of Arts
Passed due to clearance of Second/Fourth Semester back-log paper(s):
Govt. J. Thankima College
No. of Candidates : 7
Page 74 of 82
VI/Rep/2011 Batch
No. of Candidates : 10
No. of Appeared : 10
Passed : 8
Pass Percentage : 80
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1109BA003 Lalruatsanga Education 1227 Second
1109BA022 L. Lalzarzovi Education 1221 Second
1109BA153 C. Vanlalnunchami Education 1319 Second
1109BA176 Lalhmangaihzuali Education 1206 Second
1109BA184 B. Bawilianthanga History 1103 Pass
1109BA238 B. Lalrammuanpuia Political Science 1141 Pass
1109BA257 C. Lalrinfeli Political Science 1227 Second
1109BA262 Krosparmawii Education 1248 Second
Passed due to clearance of Second/ Fourth Semester back-log paper(s)
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1109BA024 Angeli Lalruatsangi Education 1207 Second
1109BA036 Lalparmawii Education 1123 Pass
1109BA156 T. Lalfakawmi Political Science 1327 Second
1109BA190 Lalrinchhana Sailo Mizo 1275 Second
1109BA201 H. Malsawmdawngfamkima Mizo 1268 Second
1109BA217 Lalruatkimi Colney History 1212 Second
Govt. Johnson College
Bachelor of Arts
Page 75 of 82
VI/Rep/2011 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1110BA001 John Ketty Zosangliana English 1097 Pass
1110BA039 Ramnunsangi Education 1223 Second
1110BA046 K. Lianchhingpuii Education 1205 Second
1110BA050 Lalmuanpuii Geography 1300 Second
1110BA054 C. Lalnunchhunga Geography 1317 Second
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1111BA001 K. Lalrampari Education 1179 Pass
Bachelor of Arts
Govt. Hnahthial College
No. of Candidates : 11
No. of Appeared : 11
Pass : 5
Pass Percentage : 45.45
Bachelor of Science
Govt. Serchhip College
No. of Candidates : Nil
No. of Appeared : Nil
Pass : Nil
Pass Percentage : Nil
Bachelor of Arts
Govt. Serchhip College
No. of Candidates : 7
No. of Appeared : 7
Pass : 5
Pass Percentage : 71.42
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VI/Rep/2011 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1111BA027 C. Vanlalhriata Economics 1217 Second
1111BA033 Lalremruati Political Science 1180 Pass
1111BA037 J. Lalbiakhlupuii Political Science 1131 Pass
1111BA038 J. Lalrindiki Political Science 1191 Pass
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1111BA018 Lalrinkima Political Science 1206 Second
No. of Candidates : 4
No. of Appeared : 3
Pass : 1
Pass Percentage : 33.33
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1112BA062 P.C. Vanlaltluanga English 1200 Second
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1112BA043 H. Lalawmpuia Political Science 1110 Pass
1112BA149 T. Ramsangliani Education 1153 Pass
1112BA156 R. Roluahpuii Education 1214 Second
1112BA200 P. Lalrindika Education 1216 Second
1112BA226 Biakchungnungi Mizo 1259 Second
1112BA236 Lalremsangi Philosophy 1084 Pass
1112BA247 Lalbiaktluangi Philosophy 1202 Second
1109BA049 Vanlaldingngheta Mizo 1283 Second
Lunglei Govt. College
Passed due to clearance of Second/Fourth Semester back-log paper(s):
Passed due to clearance of Second/Fourth Semester back-log paper(s):
Bachelor of Arts
Govt. Hnahthial College
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VI/Rep/2011 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1113BA042 PC.Zawlthangpuii Political Science 1199 Pass
No of Candidates : 1
No. of Appeared : NIL
Passed : NIL
Pass Percentage : NIL
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1115BA041 P. Juliat Runremsangi Sociology 1301 Second
Passed due to clearance of Second/Fourth Semester back-log paper(s):
Bachelor of Arts
No. of Candidates : 1
No. of Appeared : 1
Pass : Nil
Pass Percentage : Nil
Passed due to clearance of Second/Fourth Semester back-log paper(s):
Govt. Lawngtlai College
No. of Appeared : Nil
Pass : Nil
Pass Percentage : Nil
Lunglei Govt. College
Bachelor of Arts
Govt. J. Buana College
Bachelor of Science
No. of Candidates : Nil
Page 78 of 82
VI/Rep/2011 Batch
No. of Candidates : 10
No. of Appeared : 10
Passed : 5
Pass Percentage : 50
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1115BA010 S. Zithari Education 1188 Pass
1115BA042 Evelynn T. Nuki History 1189 Pass
1115BA071 N.C. Beiraduakhei History 1120 Pass
1115BA075 T.A. Hermon Azyu History 1122 Pass
1102BA156 C. Lalduhawmi Education 1267 Second
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1115BA003 K. Jasmine Sylvia Education 1329 Second
Passed due to clearance of Second/ Fourth Semester back-log paper(s)
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1115BA082 Vanlaldina Sociology 1201 Second
No. of Candidates : Nil
No. of Appeared : Nil
Pass : Nil
Pass Percentage : Nil
Govt. Saiha College
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Arts
Govt. Saitual College
Page 79 of 82
VI/Rep/2011 Batch
No of Candidates : 5
No. of Appeared : 5
Passed : 3
Pass Percentage : 60
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1117BA012 Lalramluahpuii Economics 1284 Second
1117BA015 C. Lalthlamuana Education 1156 Pass
1117BA016 C. Zoremtluanga Economics 1174 Pass
No. of Candidates : Nil
No. of Appeared : Nil
Passed : Nil
Pass Percentage : Nil
Passed due to clearance of Second/ Fourth Semester back-log paper(s)
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1118BA030 C. Ramdinthara Political Science 1220 Second
No. of Candidates : Nil
No. of Appeared : Nil
Passed : Nil
Pass Percentage : Nil
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1118BS001 F. Lalrintluangi Physics 1390 Second
Bachelor of Science
Govt. Champhai College
Passed due to clearance of Second / Fourth Semester back-log paper(s)
Govt. Khawzawl College
Govt. Champhai College
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Arts
Page 80 of 82
VI/Rep/2011 Batch
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1119BA038 Zonuntluangi Mizo 1304 Second
1119BA094 R. Lalrinpuii Geography 1204 Second
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1119BA040 R. Lalmuankima Education 1159 Pass
1119BA077 Nauraja Rai Political Science 1172 Pass
No. of Candidates : Nil
No. of Appeared : Nil
Passed : Nil
Pass Percentage : Nil
No. of Candidates : Nil
No. of Appeared : Nil
Passed : Nil
Pass Percentage : Nil
Bachelor of Science
Passed due to clearance of Second/Fourth Semester back-log paper(s):
Govt. Kolasib College
Govt. Mamit College
Bachelor of Arts
Govt. Kolasib College
No. of Candidates : 3
No. of Appeared : 3
Pass : 2
Pass Percentage : 66.66
Bachelor of Arts
Page 81 of 82
VI/Rep/2011 Batch
No. of Candidates : Nil
No. of Appeared : Nil
Passed : Nil
Pass Percentage : Nil
No. of Candidates : 5
No. of Appeared : 5
Passed : 1
Pass Percentage : 20.00
Roll No. Name Core Subject Marks Division
1122BA062 Kakali Dewan History 1220 Second
No. of Candidates : Nil
No. of Appeared : Nil
Passed : Nil
Pass Percentage : Nil
No. of Candidates : Nil
No. of Appeared : Nil
Passed : Nil
Pass Percentage : Nil
Bachelor of Arts
Higher And Technical Institute, Mizoram
Bachelor of Commerce
Higher And Technical Institute, Mizoram
Bachelor of Arts
Govt. Kamalanagar College
Govt. Zawlnuam College
Bachelor of Arts
Page 82 of 82


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