Hnahthial – the biggest town in Lunglei Ditrict, Mizoram

Photo of Hnahthial, Lungei, Mizoram
Hnahthial, a view from the southern suburb
Hnahthial Market Square
Hnahthial on Independence Day K.Lalhunmawia
Hnahthial celebrates Independence Day

Geographical Location of Hnahthial

There in the green belt valley surrounded by Denlung Tlang, Aithur Tlang and Rallang Tlang lies Hnahthial, a town which has been yearning for a district headquarters for almost 20 years now amidst the hollow promises of politicians and bureaucrats. In fact, Hnahthial District was created by the state government and notified vide No.A.600011/21/95-GAD/Pt Dated Aizawl, the 12th September, 2008 but nothing has been done afterwards by the new government as a follow-up of that notification other than making lame excuses. Hnahthial is a developing town inhabited by over 7000 people and located on the 54 National High Way between Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram, India and Lunglei, a district headquarters under which jurisdiction Hnahthial itself is one of the towns.You will have to travel by road 200 km south from Aizawl or 87 Km north from Lunglei to reach this beautiful serene town, the latitude 22.9653238 and longitude 92.930081 are the geocoordinates of the Hnahthial and is located in the UTC 5.30 time zone and it follows indian standard time (IST).


Hnahthial Notified Town has population of 7,187 of which 3,573 are males while 3,614 are females as per report released by Census India 2011. Population of Children with age of 0-6 is 947 which is 13.18 % of total population of Hnahthial (NT). In Hnahthial Notified Town, Female Sex Ratio is of 1011 against state average of 976. Moreover Child Sex Ratio in Hnahthial is around 1037 compared to Mizoram state average of 970. Literacy rate of Hnahthial  is 97.24 % higher than state average of 91.33 %. In Hnahthial, Male literacy is around 97.94 % while female literacy rate is 96.55 %.  There are 1,548 houses.

Out of total population, 5,299 were engaged in work or business activity. Of this 2,662 were males while 2,637 were females. In census survey, worker is defined as person who does business, job, service, and cultivator and labour activity. Of total 5299 working population, 50.76 % were engaged in Main Work while 49.24 % of total workers were engaged in Marginal Work.

 Education and Hnahthial

The children of Hnahthial are fortunate enough to have different institutions in their locality where they are sent to by their parents or guardians at a very low cost. One such school amongst the existing  six private schools is Nuchhungi English Medium School with the largest number of students enrolment for a considerable number of years. In fact, the students enrolment in the government-run schools is decreasing rapidly in recent years contrary to that of the private schools which admit more and more students each year. This clearly shows how the local people rate the schools run by the state government and those run by private individuals or the local churches from their performance. In any chain of educational system, the importance of elementary education can never be ignored. Children should be treated well right from their very first day at school, otherwise, it could be too late.

Hnahthial naupang
The future of Hnahthial

Hnahthial District and the Principal

‘Zu kan rui e’ tih hla ang deuhin Hnahhtial hian District zu no kan dawmna a rei ta. Kan zu no chhunga zu chu zu lem lem, ruih na ve tho si niin zu tha mi zuar nia inzuarten an lo sawi ve mek bawk. Kan Hnahthial District zu no chu lian hle mahse, a chhunga zu tui fir tling awm nia kan hriat chu patling duhkhawp a ni si lo. Kan in ve laklawh tawh sia, kan rui der tal a ni ang chu. Hnahthial District Function Demand Commitee Secretary ka nih ve lai khan ka rui na ngiang mai. Rui tak tak tur chuan at deuh phual a ngai ni berin a lang. Kum 1998 vel atanga demand tan tawh, kum 2008-a District thara puan, tun thlenga la tihhlawhtlin ni ta lo hian 2013 General Election a thlen meuh chuan 14th Finance Commission sawi hmuh a hlawh leh ta a, 75 crore vel sawkarin a dil hi hlawhtling tak maw ! A dang chu he tah District Demand Day

hnahthial-district tlangval K.Lalhunmawia
HDFDC Secretary K.Lalhunmawia
Hnahthial District Function Demand Day, Hnahthial Lunglei District Mizoram
Hnahthial District Function Demand Day

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